JSP Advanced Solutions is Pioneering the Digital Evolution of the Particle Foam Industry

JSP Advanced Solutions is Pioneering the Digital Evolution of the Particle Foam Industry

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JSP Advanced Solutions will help its customers build competitive advantages, making manufacturing of moulding parts ready for the future and strengthening the differentiation of expanded polypropylene beads.

JSP has continuously pushed the boundaries with expanded particle foams, so the emergence of industrial connectivity, datafication, automatisation and digitalisation came up as the next natural direction. The global trends in manufacturing show an increased demand for solutions supporting digital transformation (or Industry 4.0), which includes connectivity, communication and data platforms for smart manufacturing, real-time data access, advanced analytics (including machine learning) and artificial intelligence.

JSP has invested time and effort in developing useful industrial solutions to contribute to a more effective, resourceful and sustainable manufacturing. JSP collaborated with partners and organisations to establish practical tools for machine and equipment connectivity and data standardisation.

The company support decisions and actions using real-data analytics, leading to faster process optimisation, equipment effectiveness and energy efficiency. JSP’s solutions are based on a combination between JSP’s distinctive knowledge and experience in industrial manufacturing and new skills and capabilities in cutting edge digital technologies.

“With years of working with our customers, we understand challenges and opportunities related to digital transformation. Our customers are focused on long-term growth aligned with sustainable goals and they deserve solutions tailored to their needs and support during implementation and adaptation, to capture the value,” says Robert Pluska, Managing Director of JSP Advanced Solutions.

JSPwant to deliver solutions with the highest standards of cybersecurity and data confidentiality and ensure smooth integration and adoption of solutions with adequate trainings and support. In the future they aim to find synergies with machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

Robert Pluska, Managing Director of JSP Advanced Solutions, will bring profound experience between manufacturing processes, software applications and technical support to their customers. The launch of JSP Advanced Solutions is aligned with their long-term strategy and essential to transform manufacturing and set new standards in the industry.

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