Faulkner Moulds Invests in Delivering Sub-Micron Surface Accuracy

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Faulkner Moulds is more than just a pretty (die) face! The award-winning Yorkshire-based toolmaker continually invests in a range of state-of-the-art technologies and techniques to ‘chase the micron’ and create the perfect surface finish. For example, pictured below is a triangular bottle cap core, with a high gloss surface finish, being measured using Faulkner Moulds’ leading edge Mitutoyo Co-ordinate Measuring Machine (CMM).

The CMM allows for highly accurate 3D and surface measurements at high speed. The industry-leading toolmaker can scan any 3D surface with it, to sub-micron accuracy, to find the true shape of a part. The company has carried out several jobs in which there is an issue with an existing tool made by another toolmaker. The technology is used to measure the part against the CAD model, looking for surface deviation.

Faulkner Moulds then uses its suite of sophisticated machinery to modify the tool accurately, including a high-speed vertical 5-axis graphite and hard metal machining centre, which enables automation of cavity machining, achieving a repeatable accuracy of 2 microns.

After correcting the tool, Faulkner Moulds then provides a detailed report of results for the customer, which compares measurements before and after the work, to confirm the integrity of the modification work.

In 2024, Faulkner Moulds celebrates 30 years of excellence in mould toolmaking. During that period, the toolmaker has established a reputation as an industry leader, pioneering toolmaking technology and techniques and winning UK ‘Toolmaker of the Year’ multiple times in recent years, as well as ‘Manufacturer of the Year’.

With a company motto of “Be Exemplary”, Faulkner Moulds specialises in multi-cavity, high production tooling with fast cycle times, and complex tooling such as twin-shot, over-mouldered unscrewing mechanisms. They also provide a rapid, reliable response to requirements for tool repairs, modifications or servicing.

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