Fimark Enhances Craftsmanship with Carveco Software Integration

Fimark has recently integrated an all-in-one software solution called Carveco (previously known as ArtCAM) into its creative arsenal. This cutting-edge addition allows Fimark to turn 2D designs into sculpted 3D engraving.

Top designers around the world use Carveco software to sculpt and model in 3D, for example, in the design of jewellery pieces.

Whether starting with hand-drawn sketches or pre-existing vector art, this fantastic software allows the import of various file formats, granting absolute control over vector editing and precise modelling of 3D surfaces.

Charles Dean, Managing Director at Fimark, commented:
“Our dedication extends beyond delivering excellence; it’s also about embracing possibilities through the latest technology. The recent integration of Carveco software empowers our design team to transform low-resolution images, such as a ring crest, into intricate 3D models for engraving. The seamless integration of Carveco and CAD technologies enables unparalleled customisation across various industries for Fimark’s clients.”

By integrating Carveco within its process, Fimark can craft high-quality 2D or 3D engraving from artwork with unprecedented speed. This not only unleashes the creative potential for businesses but also significantly accelerates the pre-production process.

With the purchase of Carveco, Fimark can take on projects that might otherwise have been impossible. Charles Dean explains, “The efficiency gained through this software propels our creative endeavours and makes projects feasible that, by manual means, would have been economically challenging for our clients.”

Contact Fimark today to discuss your design ideas and explore the possibilities that Carveco can offer your business.

As Fimark continues to excel in precision engineering and laser technology, we invite businesses to explore the benefits of our expertise. If you seek a partner dedicated to attention to detail, a track record of long-term collaborations and an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction, we would love to speak to you about how we can serve your business.

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