Gerbaldo Polimeri Continues to Revolutionise the Rotomoulding Market

Gerbaldo Polimeri has recently obtained ‘Second Life Plastic Certification’ on its GECO line of products, aiming to increase sustainability in the rotational moulding market. GECO is distributed in the UK by IMCD.

Gerbaldo Polimeri, originally founded by the Gerbaldo family, have been in the recycled plastic materials market since 1985. They began their activity of recycling plastic materials and the production of polyethylene granules of high and low density for the film, packaging, extrusion, blown plastics and injected moulding markets in Italy. Today, Gerbaldo Polimeri is established as a prime figure in the recycled plastic material processing market, operating in sectors ranging from agriculture and automotive to healthcare and design.

Through innovation and R&D activities, Gerbaldo Polimeri has collaborated with Ecoplasteam by using their Ecoallene® range of products – a revolutionary material from the recycling of polylaminates deriving from the carton of beverages and confectionary wrappers. The Ecoallene® range was used as a starting point for developing highly technical products that are dedicated to the rotational moulding market.

From the Ecoplasteam partnership, the GECO project was born. GECO are unique products deriving from an exclusive technology that is able to meet the needs of the rotational moulding market – a market that is increasingly aimed at increasing sustainability. All GECO products are characterised by a green mottled colour, representing a nature-friendly line that maximises sustainability through recycling, decreasing the use of fossil bases and infinite recyclability. Moreover, the GECO products have mechanical characteristics that allow the production of different objects for parks, outdoor furniture and sustainable infrastructures.

Gerbaldo Polimeri has recently obtained the ‘Second Life Plastic Certification (PSV)’ on its GECO line of rotational moulding products, which is a first and novelty in the market. “Plastic Second Life” is an environmental product certification system dedicated to materials and products obtained from the valorisation of plastic waste. “Plastics Second Life” is the first European brand dedicated to recycled plastic and introduces the concepts of “quality” in recycled plastics and “traceability” of recycled material.

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