Get in Touch with Intouch at Plastics Live

The organisers of Plastics Live are delighted to welcome Intouch Monitoring as an exhibitor at the event. Intouch will use its presence at the show to highlight how it can help manufacturers improve efficiency, reduce waste and prepare for a better future.

Plastics Live (incorporating Industry 4.0 in PlasticsSustainable Plastics Live, and the 3D printing event AMPLAS) will take place from July 5-6, 2022, at the Coventry Building Society Arena (formerly Ricoh Arena).

Intouch supplies flexible and easy-to-use monitoring, scheduling, reporting and analytics software that significantly improves overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). Established in 1997 and installed in over 300 sites worldwide, Intouch offers an exceptional level of customer service. The Intouch software is suitable for many industries and processes, including packaging, automotive, medical, aerospace, injection moulding, thermoforming, extrusion, printing, CNC cutting/machining, metal-stamping and food processing.

Since 2019, Intouch’s production monitoring, scheduling, and OEE reporting system has been available as a monthly subscription-based Software as a System (SaaS) with a free 60-day trial which lets its customers try it and start seeing efficiencies before they commit.

John Hardwick, Managing Director at Intouch Monitoring, said: “Plastics Live is an exhibition located at the heart of British plastics manufacturing, and the Industry 4.0 in Plastics element is very relevant to us. We are deep in the fourth industrial revolution. Any manufacturer that wants to survive and thrive in manufacturing must embrace a more intelligence-based and digitised way of manufacturing.

“Small or big enterprises can make the most of their resources, including labour, machines, and materials, by adopting smart technology, such as Intouch i4 Cloud. Smart technology will help manufacturers operate much more efficiently, meaning they can make the same or more, with consistent quality, using the same or fewer resources. This allows them to remain competitive, and ultimately offer their customers better prices, faster deliveries and better quality, all whilst maximising profit.”

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Plastics Live
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