Glendenning Plastics Achieves Considerable Energy Savings with Borche Machinery

Glendenning Plastics Achieves Considerable Energy Savings with Borche Machinery

With energy costs soaring at its Kingswinford site in 2014, Glendenning Plastics set out a program of continual investment in Borche servo-drive machines to replace its old machines of the fixed pump design and has reported considerable savings since.

Before 2014, the cost of power had reached over £1 million per annum at Glendenning Plastics’ Kingswinford site. During the latter part of 2014, the directors then decided that they needed to address the spiraling cost of electricity. They commenced a program of continual investment in servo-drive machines as a replacement for the existing machines of the old fixed pump design.

The company decided to install the first Borche 800-tonne servo-hydraulic machine in 2014. A case study was carried out using the same mould on the new Borche 800-tonne machine compared to an existing 750-tonne machine; individual meter readings were taken from both machines for a direct comparison. Following the detailed trial, a 64% reduction in power consumption was recorded together with a considerable cooling requirement reduction.

From this point, the company has since installed 11 new Borche servo-drive machines as part of a continual investment program to replace the old machines of fixed pump design. The most recent of which is a new Borche BU900-tonne machine of the two-platen range.

Glendenning Plastics was established in 1965 by Ron Glendenning and is now run by his two sons, Stuart and Miles Glendenning, who have a wealth of experience within the plastics industry.

In recent years, the directors have overseen dramatic growth for both the company’s Garland Products range of gardening and horticultural products and the firm’s technical moulding division, which serves a wide range of industrial sectors.

Stuart Glendenning, Chairman at Glendenning Plastics, said: “We are delighted that our investment program in Borche servo technology machines in addition to other measures that we have taken has helped drive down our annual cost in electricity and provide considerable savings for the business.”

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