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While collapsible cores are not a recent innovation, their significance in the moulding industry continues to grow, offering unparalleled ease and precision in demoulding parts with undercuts and threads. 

By eliminating the need for unscrewing mechanisms or secondary operations, collapsible cores contribute to substantial reductions in cycle times and costs.

The advantages of collapsible cores are clear:

  1. Enhanced Design Flexibility- Collapsible cores empower manufacturers to bring to life designs that were once considered impractical or unattainable. The ability to incorporate intricate internal structures and undercuts opens up new realms of innovation, pushing the boundaries of what’s achievable in injection moulding.
  2. Cost Reduction- By eliminating slow unscrewing mechanisms, collapsible cores streamline the manufacturing process, leading to reduced cycle times and production costs. These efficiencies translate to significant savings over time.
  3. Improved Product Quality- Collapsible cores ensure consistent and precise moulding of complex parts, resulting in minimised defects and superior product quality. The advanced design capabilities provided by collapsible cores guarantee finished products that meet the highest standards of performance and aesthetics.
  4. Versatility and Adaptability- Highly adaptable to a wide range of materials and moulding processes, collapsible cores are suitable for diverse applications across industries.

The KNARR solution for collapsible cores is tailored individually to the 3D specifications of each plastic part, ensuring a bespoke fit rather than an adaptation from a standard part. Over the
past few years, KNARR has supplied a significant number of these cores to manufacturers in the UK and Ireland seeking to reduce cycle times.

Suitable for single or multi-cavity moulds, KNARR’s collapsible cores can be supplied as blanks or fully finished, coated with DLC if necessary, and are easily installed. An illustrative example of potential cost savings can be seen with a simple, single-cavity screw cap requiring 1.5 million parts. With an unscrewing mechanism, the total cycle time was 23 seconds, but with a collapsible core, it was reduced to just 15 seconds. This equates to a reduction of 3,333 hours in total time, resulting in a substantial cost saving of £133,320, assuming an hourly rate of £40. The potential savings increase exponentially with a multi-cavity mould.

All KNARR products are exclusively available in the UK through Gunther UK Limited. Gunther UK is the leading supplier of innovative and high-quality products to the UK and Irish moulding and toolmaking industries, including hot runner systems, standard mould components, couplings for all mediums, and fully machined bolsters and special parts.

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