Hardies Expands Material Offering with Authorised Distribution of Victrex PEEK

Hardies Expands Material Offering with Authorised Distribution of Victrex PEEK

In October last year, material supplier Hardie Polymers was appointed as the authorised distributor for Victrex in the UK. Both parties are delighted with how the partnership is progressing just six months in, with Hardies reporting high interest in the PEEK polymers.

Victrex is a world leader in PEEK and PAEK-based polymer solutions, helping customers to overcome complex design and engineering challenges.

Isy Ferguson (pictured with Bartosz Komanski), Managing Director of Hardie Polymers, said: “We are seeing growing numbers of new enquiries coming through for this exceptional material and our team is working closely with Victrex to help provide the technical advice and support that such projects demand.

“With many industries now looking to replace metal parts and save weight in hi-tech applications, Victrex PEEK is a real material for the future.”

The material of choice in the automotive, aerospace, oil and gas and medical device industries have long been metals but PEEK polymer is fast changing that mindset. Thinner, smarter, lighter, more fuel-efficient and durable, Victrex works continuously to achieve improved economic and performance solutions.

Millions of people use sustainable products and applications containing Victrex materials every day. The diverse and innovative uses for Victrex’s PEEK polymer continue to grow and evolve.

Hardie Polymers continues to see very high demand for all the other major brands of engineering polymers that it offers, working hard on behalf of its customers to manage the very extended lead times that still exist.

Visit www.hardiepolymers.com, or get in touch using the contact details below to learn more about the company, polymers supplied, and request a quote.

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