HASCO – A Full-Service Provider for Mould Making

HASCO – A Full-Service Provider for Mould Making

With more than 100,000 products, HASCO is a full-service provider for mould making, supplying its customers with everything from a single source. With a structured range of standard mould units coordinated perfectly to the customers’ needs, HASCO offers the reliable basis for high-quality moulds and thus enables its customers to achieve sustainable competitiveness.

Mould makers – mostly small and medium-sized companies – have to meet a wide variety of different demands. The constantly increasing time and cost pressure is known well enough, but fresh challenges also often arise. Established business models must develop in line with the ever-faster disruptive changes. Particularly in these difficult times, it is very important to have a reliable partner at your side to supply standard mould units and offer a product portfolio geared perfectly to your needs.

As much as necessary, but not as much as possible

In this respect, HASCO stands out clearly from its competitors. More than 100,000 products are consistently oriented to the requirements of modern mould making. HASCO supplies precisely the products that are needed to build high-quality moulds and tools quickly and efficiently. One of HASCO’s basic principles is to supply not as much as possible but only exactly what the customer really needs. By focusing on these core competencies and thus on its strengths, all the parties involved enjoy the benefits.

Portfolio of standard mould units geared perfectly to the customers’ needs

Sometimes, less really is more, and a portfolio of standard mould units that is geared perfectly to the customers’ needs will guarantee maximum product competence. At the same time, it is easier for the customer to make a selection and quickly find what he needs for a specific application. Quality products that are developed and produced specifically for the later application offer plenty of added value. These advantages extend along the entire value chain, starting with the designer and mould maker right the way through to the plastics processing companies.

Everything from a single source – only for tool and mould making

Products that are specifically developed for mould makers by mould makers will always be able to meet the demanding requirements. This has also been proven to directly affect the quality of the injection-moulded articles, and is a true win-win situation for all involved.

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