HASCO Celebrates a Century of Mouldmaking

The HASCO story began in 1924, when the company’s founder, Hugo Hasenclever, made the first moulds for processing the still young material Bakelite in his cellar workshop in Lüdenscheid/Germany. Resourcefulness, consistency and his gut feeling led to the first change in the company’s business from wrought iron and brass artwork to toolmaking.

The foundation stone had been laid for a typical entrepreneurial career in that part of Germany – from a little factory to a globally operating company.

The outstanding craftsmanship and technical skills that Hugo Hasenclever successfully deployed in metalworking also became apparent when he concentrated on his hobbies in his free time. He worked, for example, on making a roly-poly toy, but this failed repeatedly because the toy always stayed lying down and would not stand up. His son Rolf finally completed the task that had eluded his father when he went to his father’s workshop, into which he would secretly creep at night. Later, he proudly presented his father with a roly-poly toy that would stand up whenever it was knocked over.

Hugo’s gut feeling did not let him down again when he recognised Rolf’s talent and instinct for the conceptual and structured implementation of technical challenges. Rolf Hasenclever followed his father’s wish to join the family company, where he later became the managing director. For this reason, the roly-poly toy is symbolic today of the inventive spirit that marked the company’s history.

The fundamental virtues of the company’s founder, Hugo Hasenclever, are, 100 years later, still being felt by the employees and are still part of the corporate philosophy. Agility, innovation, simplicity, and performance are the driving factors for the company’s actions.

Inventiveness leads to innovative products and patents, making HASCO the leading international provider of standard mould units and a full-service provider for tool and mouldmaking. The consistency of its actions is reflected in the quality of the HASCO products and helps to make the processes.

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