HASCO’s Product Diversity Supports a Variety of Demoulding Processes

HASCO’s Product Diversity Supports a Variety of Demoulding Processes

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The geometry of a planned injection-moulded component defines the complexity and the amount of work involved in designing and producing the moulding tool. For this reason, it is advisable, back at the design phase, to look closely at the feasibility of the moulding tool and the complexity of the de-moulding process.

As a leading manufacturer of high-quality modular standardised mould units and customised hot runner systems, HASCO, with its comprehensive range of latch locking units and two-stage ejectors, offers a variety of solutions specifically for the field of multi-stage de-moulding. In contrast to latch locking units, which precisely control the movements of the mould plates by opening up the mould, two-stage ejectors control the sequence of the ejection by splitting up the output movement into separate stages.

To simplify selection for users and provide help with the design, to make de-moulding easier, a brochure entitled “Multi-stage demoulding” has been published, which is now available both online and as a printed version.

When choosing the right de-moulding element, the main focus is on the desired movements and the respective mounting position. Four different movements were selected as examples: forward and backward movements, single stroke and the use of stripper plates. The product selection can then be narrowed down according to the requirement of how the plates should move in relation to each other.

The mounting position – a further criterion – necessitates renewed filtering of the selection. A distinction is made between central and non central mounting and between internal and external mounting of the standard units. Subsequently, the right standard unit can be ordered, depending on the mould size and the desired length of the stroke movements.

All products can be easily and reliably mounted and adjusted. The precisely manufactured standard units for multi-stage cycles are coated on the functional surfaces with HASCO’s well-established DLC coating, and thus have hard sliding surfaces and an extremely low coefficient of friction. This creates the basis for consistent component quality, even when used in clean rooms. The standard units generally have double-sided locking.

For unconventional applications with a special cycle or mounting position, HASCO’s technical customer support is on hand to advise you.

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