Hayco Supplier Award for the WITTMANN Group

Hayco Supplier Award for the WITTMANN Group

On November 9 this year, the WITTMANN Group was granted the Supplier Award of the Hayco Group at the Supplier Forum 2023 held by Hayco in the Dominican Republic. The award was received by Dr. Werner Wittmann, owner and CEO of the WITTMANN Group.

Hayco, headquartered in Hong Kong, was founded by Donald Hay 40 years ago and is now a leading global manufacturer of durable consumer goods for daily use. Christopher Hay continues his father’s successful course of expansion as the present CEO of the Hayco Group. Production takes place in China and in the Dominican Republic.

During the many years of cooperation with Hayco, the WITTMANN Group installed at Hayco a total of some 120 injection moulding machines from the servo-hydraulic SmartPower and MacroPower series, almost 60% of which are located at the facility in the Dominican Republic. For automation and auxiliary equipment, Hayco also relies on the WITTMANN Group. In addition to robots, temperature controllers, flow controllers and standalone loaders, the Hayco production plant in the Dominican Republic is also equipped with a central material conveyor system from WITTMANN.

With its grant of the Supplier Award, Hayco expresses its confidence in the products and services of the WITTMANN Group. Dr. Werner Wittmann is very pleased about the Supplier Award: “We are proud to have received this award from our long-standing business partner Hayco and look forward to many more years of good partnership.”

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