How DELMIAWorks Scheduling & Production Planning Help You Meet Customer Demands on Time, Every Time.

How DELMIAWorks Scheduling & Production Planning Help You Meet Customer Demands on Time, Every Time.

We all try to work faster and more efficiently in everything we do.

And that’s no different when it comes to making sure we have the very best production processes in place within our manufacturing operations.

However, regardless of the size of our manufacturing plant, large or small, Operations Managers face multiple challenges in optimising those processes and schedules.

They often have to juggle available workforce resources, tools and machining, multiple suppliers, raw materials alongside their customers’ deadlines.

As Mike Hopkins, production material control and MIS manager at Nissen Chemitec, a plastic injection moulding company specialising in the automotive industry, commented:

Our customers want quality parts, in the correct quantity, on time and at a competitive price. In the automotive industry, electronic data interchange (EDI) is a major component in a supplier’s ability to deliver what automakers want. With our old system, 80 percent of the time we couldn’t respond fast enough to EDI errors because the data transfer was so slow. Our biggest account magnified this problem because that customer’s plant is only 40 minutes away, so shipping errors were arriving at the plant before we could catch them.

Suppose you’ve got to use legacy enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, antiquated demand or material requirements planning systems, or rely on spreadsheet models, printed job sheets and whiteboards with handwritten notes on them, or worse still, ‘in someone’s head’. In that case, it’s little wonder production schedules can become inefficient, manufacturing resources wasted and deadlines missed.

Regardless of the tools used, the “scheduling process” described above is typically hectic and loosely documented (if at all).

Imagine what would happen to your operation if the people responsible for those production schedules were suddenly absent for more than a week due to illness, or they were on holiday, or left to start a new job or retired.

Do those scenarios make you break out in a cold sweat?

Join Proximity for their next ‘Lunch & Learn’ demonstration to learn how DELMIAWorks goes (way) beyond simple shop floor production scheduling and planning.

>>Register for the session on Friday 9th June 2023 at 12:30pm here<<

During the 30-minute demonstration, you’ll:

  • See an overview of production scheduling and planning in DELMIAWorks
  • Learn how you can respond – and commit – to customer demands with complete confidence, on time, every time
  • Get the opportunity to ask any questions to better understand how DELMIAWorks’ production scheduling and planning combined with its unique BOMs structure can support your manufacturing business.

Proximity’s last session focused on what makes Bill of Materials (BOMs) in DELMIAWorks so unique for plastics manufacturers.

Planning and scheduling is the natural next step in the process as you’re able to create your production schedule based on the information collected in each BOM.

Join Tom Grigg, Solutions Architect from Proximity, on Friday 9th June 2023 to learn:

  • How you can update and optimise your production schedules in real-time, rather than only a few times a week
  • How DELMIAWorks balances all your production requirements and delivery demands with your sales orders to produce the most effective and efficient production schedule
  • How your schedule can be updated instantly depending on both internal and external events impacting your operation
  • How scheduling your manufacturing operation doesn’t have to be time consuming or complicated any longer.

Suppose you’d like to ask more questions about production scheduling and planning in DELMIAWorks and how it can impact your manufacturing operation. In that case, you can schedule a more in-depth discussion with a member of the Proximity team, who will happily show you more functionality and its application in different manufacturing processes.

DELMIAWorks is an end-to-end manufacturing ERP System developed with a “shop floor first” focus to help plastics manufacturers increase efficiency and visibility of performance on the plant floor. Proximity is an accredited DELMIAWorks partner for implementation and support.

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