ICS Cool Energy Boost Free Heating Opportunities Adding i-FH Heat Pumps to its Hire Fleet

ICS Cool Energy, an international market leader, specialising in complete temperature control solutions for the manufacturing process and facilities applications, announced that it had expanded its i-FH (industrial free heating) rental fleet with new water-to-water heat pumps below 400kW of heating capacity. The new compact units in the ICS Cool Energy hire portfolio to give customers more opportunities to lower their energy consumption and associated costs by moving to renewable energy heating.

The new i-FH water-to-water heat pumps feature near zero global warming potential (GWP) and non-flammable R-1234ze refrigerant and can deliver hot water at temperatures between 50°C and 80°C. Sourcing energy from waste-water or geothermal systems at 5 to 30°C, the units match conventional heating system requirements. They are designed for high-temperature heating, sanitary hot water supplies, district heating, and heat recovery cascades. Thanks to their compact design, the new units fit restricted spaces and are easy to move and install, which makes them suitable for small commercial buildings, industrial facilities, industrial processes, and other applications within modern cities.

At ICS Cool Energy, we want to combine the latest technology with decades of experience in process temperature control to meet the diverse and changing set of our customer cooling and heating needs,” said Dave Palmer, ICS Cool Energy general manager for UK and Ireland. “With concerns about rising energy costs and growing sustainability efforts, we help our customers relieve operational pressures. The new units in our i-FH free heating portfolio represent another step in the journey to offering the most sustainable and most efficient heating solutions.

ICS Cool Energy has a 500MW cooling and heating hire fleet at the customer’s disposal, accompanied by equipment capabilities and expertise to quickly respond to any customers’ temporary cooling and heating needs within their critical or comfort applications.

The new i-FH heat pumps and other solutions are available for short or long-term hire, as well as part of the FLEX Membership, a long-term exchange programme, offering access to the latest heating and cooling equipment with the flexibility of an operating expense. As part of the ICS FLEX package, customers receive the equipment, preventive and 24/7 emergency maintenance, replacements, and upgrades for an all-inclusive monthly rate. This allows them to transform their temperature control system from a fixed asset into a dynamic solution that will be up-to-date with their changing business and process needs.

For more information on ICS Cool Energy’s complete process temperature control solutions, please visit www.icscoolenergy.com/.


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