ICS Cool Energy Enhances Customer Experience with New Customer Care Team

ICS Cool Energy Enhances Customer Experience with New Customer Care Team

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In a significant step towards enhancing customer engagement and service efficiency, ICS Cool Energy, an international market leader specialising in complete temperature control solutions for manufacturing process and facilities applications, announced the formation of a dedicated Customer Care Team, alongside the launch of a redesigned, interactive website.

These developments will enhance customer engagement, streamline support processes, and ensure a superior service experience from initial enquiry through to order fulfilment.

The newly formed ICS Cool Energy Customer Care Team comprises eight dedicated skilled professionals, each bringing invaluable experience from their previous roles within the company. All team members have transitioned from internal sales roles within ICS Cool Energy, bringing a wealth of product knowledge and solution-oriented expertise. This team is trained to manage enquiries across multiple channels, including real-time web chat, ensuring that customers receive immediate and effective responses.

“The establishment of our Customer Care Team marks a significant step in our commitment to providing an excellent customer service experience,” said Lisa Eagle, customer care manager at ICS Cool Energy. “This team’s primary task is to immediately address new enquiries, maintaining a seamless communication flow between our customers and sales engineers. By doing so, we ensure timely and accurate response and quotations, enhancing the overall customer journey.”

The Customer Care Team is an asset that differentiates ICS Cool Energy on the market. The team is uniquely positioned to handle and respond to diverse range of customer needs, finding the right solution quicker, thanks to their extensive training and background.

Along with the new team, ICS Cool Energy’s launched its revamped website. Designed for ease of use, the site includes real-time web chat managed personally by the Customer Care Team. This feature ensures customer queries are addressed instantly, reducing lead times from initial contact to solution.

“We’ve listened to our customers and recognised the need for a more accessible and interactive platform,” said Suzanne Pinchin, marketing manager UK at ICS Cool Energy. “Our new website is designed to facilitate easier navigation, quicker access to essential information, and a seamless experience across all devices. It’s a reflection of our dedication to continuous customer-centric improvements.”

ICS Cool Energy has established itself as a trusted name in temperature control solutions, renowned for reliability and swift response. The company’s expertise becomes crucial in critical scenarios, such as preventing interruptions in healthcare services due to failures in MRI scanner cooling or ensuring uninterrupted heating for residents during district heating network breakdowns. Moreover, swift intervention prevents financial losses caused by equipment failures in production lines or data centres.

For more information on ICS Cool Energy and its complete range of process temperature control solutions, please visit www.icscoolenergy.com.

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