Innovate Recycle Chooses Renmar for Exciting New Project

Innovate Recycle, a carpet recycler repurposing polypropylene plastic from carpet, has chosen Renmar Plastics Machinery and partners Gamma Meccanica and Aqua Cooling as their preferred supplier for an exciting new project.

Renmar, a market-leading ancillary supplier, is providing the material storage equipment consisting of a big bag support frame for the pellet transfer from the Gamma Meccanica line, taking the carpet fibre and extruding it into pellets at a rate of 1700kg/hr using a GM180 Compac fed via a belt conveyor feeding system to the cutter compactor design extrusion process.

Aqua Cooling will supply both the chillers and pipework with provision for a second and third line at the same facility, which is likely to follow promptly based on current production projection and pre-demand for Innovate Recycle’s capacity.

This first in the UK carpet recycling line is scheduled for delivery and commissioning in October 2021 to be housed in Innovate Recycle’s new facility at Chelveston Energy Park.

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