Is Recycled Plastic at Risk?

Coral Products PLC’s Marketing Manager, Em Varney-Long, sat down with Coral’s CEO, Michael Wood and discussed recent news and reports regarding recycling figures for plastic. 

The UK’s recycling push is at risk from a lack of usable recycled plastic, according to a recent report. The survey of plastic manufacturers has revealed a lack of quantity and quality of recycled materials to use. This was something Coral Products PLC identified two years ago, subsequently investing in a state-of-the-art plastic recycling system, which is now operational in its manufacturing facility in Haydock, UK. The recycling unit has been designed to both process high levels, and improve the quality of material being processed, via its unique cleaning process.

Quality recycled plastic material, as well its availability, needs to improve drastically. This is something the Coral Products PLC group is striving to achieve.

In addition to the investment in improved recycling technologies, Coral PLC is committed to reducing plastic use by redesigning current products. They’re also creating innovative products that become part of the recycling chain without compromising the finished quality.

Friends of the Earth campaigner Julian Kirby said: “The reason we have a dearth of good quality recycled material is that we have such poor collection infrastructure, and ensure good quality local authority collection.” The government recently announced measures to improve recycling, including the introduction of consistent recycling rules across all councils to clear up the confusion. They’re also introducing a bottle deposit scheme in 2023. By design, Coral’s recycling plant and products can support the change required by both product manufacturers and councils.

All of Coral’s products for kerbside collection and food waste are designed for longevity, multi-use and strength. Utilising their recycled material to create new products reduces the impact on the environment, closing the loop and creating a product made for the circular economy.

“Our new and innovative 55-litre kerbside caddy is much lighter than others on the market and is comparable by strength and quality standards to the heavier plastic alternatives. The new 23-litre food waste caddy is also lighter in weight and is ergonomically designed to fit in small spaces and lock in food smells.”

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