JSP EMEA is the First EPP Supplier to be Certified by RecyClass

JSP EMEA is the First EPP Supplier to be Certified by RecyClass

JSP EMEA has earned RecyClass certification, affirming its use of post-consumer waste in ARPRO Recycled grades and reinforcing its commitment to sustainability. This achievement highlights the company’s leadership in promoting transparency and environmental responsibility in the industry.

ARPRO Recycled grades produced at the manufacturing sites in France and Czech Republic are all RecyClass certified. This certification verifies that the recycled content is from post-consumer waste, not production waste.

The results of the Recycled Plastics Traceability Certification are as follows:

ARPRO 5275 RE contains 25% recycled plastics certified by RecyClass.

ARPRO 5121 RE, ARPRO 5133 RE, ARPRO 5253 RE and ARPRO 5135 RE ESDP have 30% recycled plastics certified by RecyClass.

ARPRO REvolution contains 90% recycled plastics certified by RecyClass

The recycling process traceability is certified according to EN 15343:2007.

RecyClass is an independent third-party EU certification scheme to verify claimed recycled content and the origin of the recycled content.  For ARPRO, this means post-consumer recycled content (PCR). RecyClass Recycled Plastics Traceability Certification allows JSP EMEA to claim the use of recycled plastics in ARPRO Recycled grades. The certification verifies that the traceability of recycled plastics in products is in place within the whole value chain process. The certification scheme was developed according to ISO 22095 and EN 15343 on traceability, conformity assessment and recycled content calculation. The certification is granted via independent Certification Bodies.

Ivana Vejražková, JSP EMEA Sustainability & SEQ Manager, commented:

“Sustainability claims, sometimes referred to as ‘greenwashing’, are often seen in the market.”

“The RecyClass certification mark allows us to confidently demonstrate our sustainability efforts. This provides a distinct advantage in a competitive marketplace for products that demonstrate real and proven environmental benefits.”

Upcoming regulatory requirements at the EU level call for a transparent, structured, and consistent approach to recyclability and recycled content claims on the EU market. RecyClass is a non-profit, cross-industry initiative facilitating the transition toward a circular plastic future. It has established the foundation for a common methodology for recyclability and an approach for the calculation of recycled content.

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