Marshall Tufflex Choose Bausano Twin-Screw Extrusion Line to Expand Recycling Capacity

Intelicare and Bausano are delighted to have supplied and commissioned an MD-125 twin-screw extruder for leading cable management specialists, Marshall Tufflex.

Marshall-Tufflex is the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of cable management solutions for commercial, industrial, healthcare, education, and domestic markets. For 80 years, they have been pioneering plastic extrusion in the UK and leading the way in areas of product research, development, and innovation, especially when it comes to using recycled material.

David Cull, Engineering Manager at Marshall Tufflex stated, “We chose to work with Intelicare & Bausano because they really understood our need to produce a high quality, consistent recycled material to ensure the high quality of our cable management products were maintained and we have been very pleased with the results.”

Bausano MultidriveMarshall Tufflex’s requirements included incorporating more recycled PVC into its range of products and consistent performance. To accommodate this, Bausano specified from its range of twin-screw extruders, which are equipped with the worldwide patented multi-drive system. The multi-drive system is a transmission system using 4 motors instead of one. This system evenly distributes the torsional effort and enables more power to be delivered to the screws with an overall reduction in energy consumption.

Compared to traditional systems, this distribution of effort reduces the likelihood of faults due to excessive stress on the system, prolonging the life of critical components and the system overall. Since its invention, the multi-drive system has undoubtedly set the benchmark in twin-screw extrusion around the world in terms of efficiency and longevity.  

Furthermore, with its dedicated in-house laboratory, Bausano developed a screw design based on Marshall Tufflex’s material, which is derived from recycled uPVC window frames. Bausano then designed and manufactured screws to optimise the production process, resulting in a more consistent output and a higher quality of material.

The extruder is also equipped with Bausano’s Digital Extruder Control PLC. This intuitive control function allows the customer to control the whole extrusion process and performs continuous screening of the entire system by producing graphs and reports in real-time. This enables the operator to analyse extrusion parameters and consumption easily and quickly at each stage.

Giorgio Critelli, Bausano’s Export Manager, says: “Bausano has invested a lot in compounding and recycling technologies over the years. Not only to improve the performance of our extruders but also to give to customers a wide range of choice when buying a Bausano machine. The investments improved performance and quality of the product becoming one of our main specialties that allows our customers to produce top-end products.”

Bausano continues to heavily invest in enhancing its already formidable PVC compounding capabilities and is proud to establish this long-term partnership with a distinguished UK manufacturer. Both Bausano and Marshall Tufflex are family-run businesses with more than 75 years of experience and share the same values in sustainability, quality, and reliability.

Intelicare work in partnership with Bausano as their exclusive UK & Ireland agent. For information please email Paul Jones or call 01777 248777.

+44 (0)1777 248777

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