Intelicare and Bausano Bring Revolutionary Multidrive to the UK & Ireland

Bausano, a family company that has been designing and producing extrusion lines for plastics processing since 1946, recently appointed Intelicare as their UK & Ireland distributor.

In 1982, Bausano patented a revolutionary new transmission system, Multidrive, which uses not one, but four motors per machine. The completely redesigned gearbox also reduces the torque effort of each motor and gear wheel by a quarter. This system offers enormous advantages in terms of the durability and performance of the extruder, as well as significant energy savings.

The Multidrive configuration also permits a very efficient parallel screw arrangement. The shaping of the parallel screw gives more time to the plasticising process than the equivalent conical screw. This is especially beneficial when processing uPVC, to better coat and amalgamate the high quantity of carbonate filler used.

The Multidrive system is driven by four standard three-phase asynchronous motors, controlled by a single static frequency converter. This system does away with all the maintenance issues associated with DC motor drives, and AC variable speed motors, while maintaining precise speed control that is constantly controlled through the Digital Extruder Control System.

Bausano offers a wide range of counter-rotating twin screw extruders in the brand-new PLUS version, giving optimal solutions to satisfy every need and application. The new PLUS version is ideal for processors looking for high-performance extruder with a wide processing windows and process technology support.

Bausano is always innovating and was the first to apply the principle of electromagnetic induction heating on an industrial level to extrusion machinery. Energy savings performed in-house have demonstrated energy savings up to 35%.

Bausano produces a comprehensive range of extruders, both single and twin screw for: pipe, profile, medical, palletisation, laboratory and WPC/Polywood. Plus, all associated downstream equipment, including Calibration benches to the cooling bench, the take-off, to the cutter. Open Days are held throughout the year at the Bausano facility near Turin, Italy where new products or process are demonstrated, and customer trials carried out.

Intelicare work in partnership with Bausano as their UK & Ireland agent. For information please email Paul Jones or call 01777 248777.

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