Moulding of PPE Begins Four Days from Design Sign-Off

With the current urgent requirement for PPE by all healthcare sectors, Plunkett Associates were approached by Resource 12 regarding the production of single-use visors, to upscale the current 3D-printing operation.

Plunkett Associates was tasked with adapting the design to make it suitable for injection moulding, with the aim of manufacturing two aluminium single cavity tools and a full production twin cavity steel tool.

Prototypes were made to check form and fit, and a single cavity tool was trialled to test the material and mould. Four days from design sign off and Plunkett are running at 3,000 parts a day with a view to producing over 70,000 parts a week once the subsequent tools are operational.

Parts are shipped to Resource 12 for assembly before being sent out to those most in need and the process of gaining CE accreditation to ensure the visors are of the best possible standard is also underway.

Plunkett is delighted to say the project is proving to be a huge success, with moulding well able to support the capacity for high volume production.

Plunkett Associates would also like to thank Resource 12 for their commitment and for providing much-needed support to our health professionals at this time.

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