NETZSCH to Host Virtual ‘Future Days’ Event

NETZSCH to Host Virtual ‘Future Days’ Event

Join NETZSCH Analyzing & Testing from May 16-19 for ‘Future Days,’ a virtual event exploring four exciting topics, including Pharmaceuticals and Life Science, Batteries and Insulation, Smart Manufacturing and Smart Labs, and Additive Manufacturing.

NETZSCH’s Analyzing & Testing business unit develops and manufactures a complete high-precision instrument line for thermal analysis and thermophysical properties measurement, as well as offering world-class commercial testing services in its laboratories.

The virtual event will hear from industry experts on what they consider to be the material challenges of tomorrow and explore the solutions NETZSCH can provide to meet these. The following four topics will be discussed with a view to the future:

  • Pharmaceuticals and Life Science
  • Batteries and Insulation
  • Smart Manufacturing and Smart Labs
  • Additive Manufacturing (AM) – the most notable topic for the UK & IE plastics and manufacturing industries

Additive manufacturing is still an ongoing trend in the manufacturing industry at large. However, the AM community is actively working on trends like mass production, supply chain resilience, automation, smart data and simulation and open innovation – just to name a few.

During the event, NETZSCH will talk to experts from industry and academia to understand the trends and what they mean from a practical standpoint. Since each expert will focus on different aspects, you will get a bird’s eye view of some of the current developments.

Towards the end of the event, the company will highlight two NETZSCH technologies and their applications in AM: one is a DSC for thermal analysis of powders and the other is its Kinetics Neo software, which will be used to model and predict a significant step in the Powder Bed Fusion process.

Webinar Details:


  • Click here to register for ‘NETZSCH Future Days: Additive Manufacturing | Broadcast 1.’
  • Click here to register for ‘NETZSCH Future Days: Additive Manufacturing | Broadcast 2.’


  • Dr. Martin Eichenhofer, CEO of 9T Labs
  • Sandra Greiner, Team Leader of Additive Manufacturing at the Institute of Polymer Technology (University of Erlangen-Nuremberg)
  • Dr. Elena Mouhkina, Business Field Manager at Kinetics Neo


  • ‘How continuous fiber composites, 3D printing and high volume production come together’ presented by Dr. Martin Eichenhofer.
  • ‘Expanding the existing boundaries of polymer Additive Manufacturing technologies through research’ delivered by Sandra Greiner.
  • ‘Key Note DSC’ by Dr. Jürgen Blumm of NETZSCH-Gerätebau GmbH
  • ‘Using the crystallisation kinetics of polyamide 12 to elevate the understanding of Selective Laser Sintering’ hosted by Dr. Elena Moukhina.

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