Introducing the New Strautmann CBN1 Semi-Automatic Baler

Introducing the New Strautmann CBN1 Semi-Automatic Baler

Compact and Bale Ltd, a leading UK compactor and baler supplier is proud to announce the launch of our latest innovative model, the CBN1 Baler.

This new baler has been designed to encompass the benefits of the most innovative balers the: GigaBaler, BaleTainer, and AutoLoadBaler. The CBN1 has further developed the key features of each and now stands to be the most effective semi-auto baler on the market.

Unlike other horizontal semi-automatic balers, the CBN1 has a compact footprint of just 11 m² and can be placed at the source of waste production.

The CBN1 key feature is its large feed chamber of over 7m³, enabling customers to process high volumes and bulky waste without requiring repetitive, unpleasant manual labour. This is supported by a pre-breaking rotor that enables a continuous feed of the chosen waste material. Coupled with a press force of 60t, users can expect a bale output of 2-3 x 400-450kg bales per hour.

This horizontal semi-automatic baler also offers multiple feed options as it can be loaded from either ground or dock level by hand, bin or pallet tipper, forklift or conveyor, offering versatility to customers.

Despite the list of benefits this machine offers, the price is highly competitive and often beats out other horizontal semi-automatic balers.

This CBN1 results from a commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. Strautmann have worked tirelessly to develop this machinery to support many customers that struggle to handle bulky waste and typically have limited space. Compact & Bale are confident that it will exceed the expectations of their customers and eliminate their waste pain.

The CBN1 horizontal semi-automatic baler is now available for purchase or hire. To find out more please email or call today on 01732 85 22 44.

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