OMS LubriTek Continues Success in Eliminating Hydraulic Oil Issues at ALPLA

Building on their remarkable success story from 2022, OMS LubriTek, a leading oil management service provider in the plastics industry, has once again demonstrated its unparalleled expertise in hydraulic oil management at ALPLA Group’s Aston Clinton site.

In 2021, OMS LubriTek revolutionised the hydraulic systems at ALPLA by implementing their VRT UltraClean technology. This intervention successfully eliminated severe varnishing issues that plagued the system, causing overheating, sticking valves, filter blockage, and other process inefficiencies. The complete overhaul included the introduction of GPII UltraLife EE 46 hydraulic oil and Hypro VTM filter media across all 10 systems at the facility.

Since then, OMS LubriTek has maintained a rigorous oil analysis programme, incorporating MPC (Membrane Patch Colorimetry) to monitor and manage the varnish potential in the hydraulic oil. The results have been nothing short of extraordinary. As of November 2023, manual tank inspections have confirmed the absence of varnish in the systems, a remarkable achievement considering the previous hydraulic grade oil, Mobil DTE 25 Ultra, showed signs of varnish within just 12 months.

Richard Hemming, Operations Manager at ALPLA Aston Clinton, commended the collaboration: “Dealing with the OMS LubriTek team has been very easy for us, with proactive and efficient monitoring services conducted to plan and showing great results. This has significantly increased our confidence in the blow-moulder hydraulic systems and allowed us to concentrate our attention elsewhere, safe in the knowledge that our hydraulic functionality is in excellent shape.”

This enduring partnership between OMS LubriTek and ALPLA Aston Clinton has not only resolved longstanding issues but also set a new benchmark in operational efficiency within the FMCG sector. The commitment to continuous improvement and innovation in product and service offerings is a testament to their dedication to minimising hydraulic oil-related downtime and maximising operational efficiency rates in an industry where high-volume plastic manufacturing rates are critical.

Jamie Shaw, Director at OMS LubriTek, added: “OMS LubriTek and ALPLA Aston Clinton are looking forward to continuing this fruitful partnership, exploring further enhancements to ensure the highest levels of efficiency and reliability in their blow moulding operations.”

For more information about the GPII UltraLife EE 46 hydraulic or OMS LubriTek’s oil management services, contact them now on 01422 371122 or email

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