Parker Further Expand Filter Media Production With Investment In Additional Ultrasonic Welding Technology

Parker Bioscience Filtration designs, supplies, and delivers systems for both upstream and downstream pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturing from its Birtley site. To support the recent expansion of the company’s product range, and to further increase production capacity, Parker has invested in an additional Pleat Welding System from ultrasonic specialists Telsonic UK.

The new system will complement Parker Filtration’s existing suite of Telsonic machines, which have continued to achieve the company’s exacting standards for product quality and machine reliability over a period of some 18 years. The latest addition to Parker’s manufacturing portfolio is another Telsonic USP3000E 3.6kW 20kHz-based pleat welding machine, adding further seam welding capacity for Parker’s 10-inch filter pleat range.

The new machine benefits from Telsonic’s MAG series generator and the latest Telso®Flex platform, which boasts a colour touchscreen for both intuitive set-up and results display. The Telso®Flex system on this new machine is PC-based and able to store multiple weld recipes, including pressure profiling, amplitude ramping, distance-absolute, P-max plus energy and time, which can be tailored to meet each of the different Parker materials and filter requirements.

The tooling on this machine includes a QC booster mount allowing quick changeover of the ultrasonic sonotrodes combined with Telsonic’s unique quick load / unload pleat auto rise and lower fixture. This was developed by Telsonic specifically for this site to provide easy and operator-safe loading of the pre-pleated filter packs, allowing exact and repeatable presentation of the filter pleats under the ultrasonic head.

The Sonotrode and Anvil configuration design assures strong welds without fracturing the very delicate and layered pleat filter components. The new fixture has also been upgraded to be fully adjustable to take a greater thickness range of Parker’s pleated filters. It will also weld new materials, which require increased welding forces. The new machine is mounted within a stand-alone framework incorporating fixed guarding and Keyence Light Guards for operator access.

Telsonic UK was awarded this latest contract based on the excellent performance of the existing machines over the last 18 years in control and reliability. The ease of loading by the operators utilising Telsonic’s slide-on fixture design is also a significant benefit of this difficult-to-handle product. In addition, laboratory trials conducted at Telsonic’s UK facility have proven the extended use of the new USP3000E machine for Parker’s new material range.

Telsonic UK offers a comprehensive range of ultrasonic modules and systems for various plastic and metal welding, sealing, cut’n’seal, food cutting and cleaning applications within various industries.

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