Pentagon, Adapting Production to Fulfil Increased Demand in the Medical Sector

One of our longstanding customers has recently turned to us for support with a major volume increase to meet demand in the production of their medical product range over the coming 12-month period.  

Initial customer forecasting made it clear that changes in our production capacity would need to be implemented almost instantly to meet their enhanced production needs over the initial three months. Therefore, we reacted accordingly.

Within a two-week timeframe, we could implement a third shift to our production facility. As standard, we operate a two-shift pattern from 7:30 am through to 11 pm Monday to Friday to meet customer demand. On 21st November, we introduced a third shift running from 10 pm to 8 am four days a week. Delighted at the flexibility of our team, we were able to ensure that the new night shift was staffed with highly experienced members from both our moulding technicians and production operating team.

As a result of staff moving shifts to accommodate the uplift in production demand, the teams on our day and evening shifts were understaffed. Therefore we have swiftly and successfully recruited new team members for fixed-term employment, ensuring that we continue to meet current and future demand for our broader customer base while still fulfilling the upturn in production.

This was an unexpected change to our production team, but nonetheless, we adopted a can-do approach to ensure that we could support our customer’s needs. We are pleased to have been able to successfully implement the third shift in our injection moulding facility, and only time will tell if this new 24-hour shift pattern will, in time, become a permanent fixture.

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