Pentagon Plastics Upgrades to Intouch i4 Cloud

Pentagon Plastics Upgrades to Intouch i4 Cloud

West-Sussex based injection moulding company, the Pentagon Plastics Group, has completed a significant monthly investment to upgrade its Intouch monitoring system to the latest i4 Cloud application, after working with Intouch for over fifteen years.

Pentagon Plastics is making a significant investment to upgrade its Intouch monitoring system to the latest Intouch i4 cloud application.

Intouch was first installed in Pentagon’s moulding division over 15 years ago and has been widely relied on ever since for machine monitoring, scheduling, and analysis. As Pentagon has grown so too has the demand for improved production visibility and machine performance monitoring. Therefore, Pentagon made the decision that now would be the perfect time to invest in the machine monitoring system upgrade, taking advantage of the new Intouch cloud-based system which was launched in 2019.

Pentagon’s Moulding Division is home to 13 injection moulding presses ranging from 22 tons to 280 tons with the latest 40T addition arriving earlier this month.

Pentagon has always found the Intouch factory and production line monitoring display system to be the perfect fit for its plastic injection moulding services. The Intouch system delivers real-time information enabling the mould setting team to make informed, timely and optimal day to day production decisions. The scheduling facility is simple and effective which enables the production manager to ensure optimal production planning to meet customer demand.

The upgraded Intouch i4 package includes features such as automatic reject monitoring, configurable dashboards, efficiency, utilisation, OEE, shift profile graphics, operator reporting and many other valuable additional features. The increased functionality will deliver enhanced manufacturing efficiencies throughout the moulding process and will have the capacity to grow with additional machines as the Group continues to invest.

The enhanced monitoring technology will see Pentagon invest an estimated £5,000 over the next 6 months in the system and in the initiatives to support the data collection which will undoubtedly deliver increased efficiency across its site.

To further accommodate the system upgrade, all of Pentagon’s moulding machines have been fitted with touch screen tablets delivering visuals to production operators and setters,  also allowing interactive interfaces for all users.

This investment marks a very interesting next chapter for the UK based moulder and toolmaker as they invest with the optimism of significant future growth and increasing demand in plastic injection moulding, after setting out its ambition plans for 2022 at the start of the year.

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