More Plastic Industry Leaders Join PlastikCity

In the past three months, seven additional companies have become PlastikCity Partners, bringing a range of equipment and services to PlastikCity and its users.

All of these new partners stay true to PlastikCity’s principle of only partnering UK & Ireland-based companies with high-quality equipment and services.

These companies include:

3PA, founded in 2005 by Dave Evans, is a UK supplier of plastics processing machinery and equipment. Based in Northamptonshire, 3PA has a strong portfolio, partnering with high-quality brands such as Motan Colortronic, GDK, and Plasdan. The company has been supplying manufacturers with a wide range of machinery for more than 15 years, including injection moulding machines, blow moulding machines, and robots, to name a few. 3PA also designs and manufactures bespoke conveyor systems for the plastics, packaging, automotive, pharmaceutical, recycling and many other industries worldwide. 3PA joins PlastikCity in three categories: Blow Moulding Machinery, Belt Conveyor Systems, and Rotary Platens & Secondary Injection Units.

Benvic is a European leader in the production of highly innovative thermoplastic solutions and biopolymers. Founded in 1963, Benvic develops, manufactures and markets innovative and highly customised thermoplastic solutions that are used in a wide range of applications, including construction, medical, automotive, transport, electric and electronic appliances, cabling and consumer. The company has a broad portfolio of formulations to meet clients’ requirements for extrusion, injection moulding, blow moulding and more. Benvic joins PlastikCity in Material Compounds.

Bolton Plastic Components has been a leading manufacturer of custom blow moulded plastic products for automotive and other industries for over 45 years. The Bolton-based business, along with its sister company Bettix is home to over 40 blow moulding machines and several injection moulding machines, as well as CAD and multi-axis moulding machines (including suction-blow), employing a highly skilled and experienced workforce. Bolton Plastic Components joins PlastikCity in Blow Moulding Companies.

Evolution Cooling is an industrial chiller and temperature control specialist based in the West Midlands. Behind Evolution Cooling is a team of chiller experts with a wealth of technical knowledge in the process cooling and industrial refrigeration industry. The company works on various equipment such as air-cooled chillers and water/glycol chillers, oil coolers, adiabatic coolers, machine tool coolers, ventilation systems and air conditioning. Evolution Cooling joins PlastikCity in Chiller, Air & Electrical Services, serving multiple industries.

Fernite of Sheffield is a leading UK manufacturer of precision machine knives and blades, and building on the historical legacy of Sheffield steel, Fernite has been producing quality blades in the region for nearly two hundred years. Fernite manufactures and stocks a wide range of blade products, including machine knives for the food, packaging, plastics, rubber, print and paper industries, custom-built industrial blades, and also offers a professional blade sharpening service. Fernite joins PlastikCity in Granulator & Shredder Services & Sharpening.

ICS Cool Energy is a leading process temperature control specialist. The technically trained engineers at ICS Cool Energy will work in partnership with you to provide the most efficient temperature control solutions for the demands of your operation, application, seasonal requirements, constraints of your site and budget. Through one point of contact, ICS develops, manufactures, delivers, installs, hires and services high-quality, energy-efficient and reliable temperature control solutions from -40°C to 400°C for your applications. ICS Cool Energy joins PlastikCity in Chiller, Air & Electrical Services.

ThingTrax, founded by Aman Gupta and Imran Shafqat in 2015, is an IoT (Internet of Things) and AI (artificial intelligence) service provider. ThingTrax helps manufacturers increase their efficiency and reduce waste by transforming the way their labour, processes, and machinery connect. Using cloud computing, IoT and AI, its mission is to turn all unconnected factories (80% of the total worldwide) into smart manufacturing hubs, connecting machines, workers, and robotics to improve efficiency, increase worker safety, reduce costs and drive productivity. ThingTrax has helped companies reduce their machine downtime by 70%, material waste by 65% and increase productivity by 35% through its smart manufacturing platform. ThingTrax joins PlastikCity in MRP & ERP Systems and Production Monitoring & MES Systems.

If you’re not already a partner and want to promote your company to the UK & IE plastics market, email PlastikCity or call them on 01455 209270.

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