BPF Responds to Deposit Return Scheme Announcement

The British Plastics Federation (BPF) welcomes the Government’s announcement of a deposit return scheme and the fact it is going to include all materials, which aims to boost recycling rates for all drinks containers.

The BPF’s statement read:

“As the experts on plastics, we will be a constructive and supportive partner to the government as this is developed to ensure we get the details right.

“We agree with Michael Gove that our mission should be to leave the environment in a better state than we found it. We are already working closely alongside brands and retailers, as well as NGOs, to tackle the issue of plastic waste and to make sure that we stop litter entering our rivers and seas.

“We feel it is important that aluminium cans and glass bottles are also included in any deposit return scheme because – and this is a surprise to many – plastic bottles account for only 2% of litter and 20% of littered beverage packaging. For the sake of the environment, we want the scheme to reduce all littered beverage items found in our parks, rivers, beaches and streets.

“The UK has a fairly encouraging record on recycling plastic drink bottles, which currently sits at 74%. Now is the time for collaborative action to improve this figure across the whole country. We all want a future where it is simple, clear, and easy for people to recycle – whether they are in their home or out and about – and that starts now.”

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