Plastics Recycling Show Europe Opens on 22nd of June with over 200 Exhibitors

Plastics Recycling Show Europe Opens on 22nd of June with over 200 Exhibitors

The two-day Plastics Recycling Show Europe exhibition and conference taking place at the RAI Amsterdam opens to visitors at 9.30 am on June 22nd. This year’s event is set to be the biggest ever with over 200 exhibitors and more than 40 expert speakers. Winners of the Plastics Recycling Awards Europe 2022 will also be announced on June 23rd. Visitor registration for free entry is at:

The two-day event draws together contributions from EU political leaders and every part of the plastics industry from major brands to material suppliers, plastics recycling machinery and equipment suppliers, plastics recyclers and waste management specialists.

Companies and organisations from across Europe will be showing new technologies and applications for recycled plastics. Thousands of industry professionals are expected to attend the event, which has grown rapidly since it was first held in 2017.

Exhibitor Highlights
  • POWERFIL, a business unit of recycling machine manufacturer EREMA GmbH, will launch a new high performance melt filter on Stand H36.
  • BASF Plastic Additives (Stand D22) is launching three high-performance solutions targeting different key stages of the mechanical recycling process: sorting, washing and reprocessing.
  • REPI (Stand E22) is expanding its portfolio of additives for PET recycling with the brand new STABIPLUS line, its latest solution to boost a circular economy in polymer recycling.
  • FIMIC (Stand C3) is profiling its range of five different melt filter models suitable for highly contaminated plastic materials including post-industrial and post-consumer plastics. Its latest SPA screw pump allows easy transport of plastic melt from the extruder to the filter without using gears, for a superior, reliable and high-performance product.
  • Cross Wrap (Stand K23) is launching its new customer portal Cross Wrap Smart, which brings all machine data together in one place for easy access.
  • Evonik (Stand B14) will showcase the latest additives for the wet and dry stages of mechanical plastics recycling processes.
  • Sesotec (Stand E20) presents its new VARISORT+ FLEX sorting module, developed to separate mixed material streams into separate fractions using up to three sensors for: C (colour), M (metal) and N (plastics).
  • CHT Group (Stand D2) will present intelligent auxiliaries for quality improvement and process optimization in the aqueous plastics cleaning process.
  • Baerlocher, the provider of additives for PP, PE and other thermoplastics, will be sharing the latest experiences with its Baeropol T-Blend range for polyolefin recycling applications on Stand J43.
  • CMG Granulators (Stand F12) will present its energy efficient granulators with Adaptive Motor Power, which automatically adapts electric power consumption according to quantity and quality of material being ground.
  • Hellweg Maschinenbau (Stand C49) is highlighting that its entire range of granulators is now equipped with the digital Smart Control System.
  • Technology company Finboot (Stand K44) will present its MARCO solution which connects multiple ledgers simultaneously using blockchain. It enables organisations to incorporate blockchain within their value and supply chains, increasing traceability, transparency and compliance.
  • Gneuss (Stand A12) will present three innovative extrusion technologies for closed loop recycling: the Gneuss Process Unit (GPU), the MRSjump Extruder and the JUMP polyreactor.
  • Nordson (Stand H4) is highlighting a new feature for its BKG ® continuous melt filters: melt pressure controlled venting start, which provides increased pressure consistency for all kinds of polymers and contamination levels.
  • Barcelona-based Altero (Stand B24) will show its latest pelletizing lines for recycling of post-consumer and post-industrial plastic waste.
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Conference Highlights

The free-to-attend conference will cover the latest political and legislative developments in plastics recycling in Europe. Mattia Pellegrini, Head of Unit, Directorate-General for Environment at the European Commission will deliver the opening keynote, entitled EU policy measures in support of plastic recycling. Other prominent speakers include:

  • Bastiaan Schupp, Legislative Officer, DG SANTE – DG for Health and Food Safety, European Commission
  • Marco ten Bruggencate, President, Plastics Europe
  • Yvonne Lievens, Senior Manager Quality & Compliance, Mattel Sustainability
  • Timothy Glaz, Head of Corporate Affairs, Werner & Mertz
  • Ceren Yargıcı Kovancı, Senior Specialist at Arçelik

Materials focus conference sessions will explore the challenges, issues and opportunities within the sector for mechanical recycling, covering PET, PVC and Technical Plastics, polyolefin waste streams, polypropylene (PP) and polystyrene (PS) recycling.

The winners of all seven award categories at the Plastics Recycling Awards Europe 2022 will be announced in the conference theatre from 12.45 pm onwards on the second day. All finalists will be showcased in the exhibition running throughout the event.

The Plastics Recycling Show Europe is designed specifically for plastics recycling professionals. It brings together key players from the plastics and recycling sectors to showcase innovative technology, share best practices, network and do business.

For a list of all exhibitors and online registration visit:

For the full conference programme and more information on the show, click here.

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