PlastikCity Recognises the Value of Trust with Detected

PlastikCity Recognises the Value of Trust with Detected

Online procurement hub PlastikCity has partnered with Detected, the global mark of trust within eCommerce, to bring increased transparency, clarity and confidence to its website users.

Throughout this year, the plastics industry procurement hub, PlastikCity, has been upgrading its website to improve functionality and useability for its users, with the finished product unveiled at this year’s Interplas exhibition.

PlastikCity’s ‘Find a Supplier‘ feature allows website users to acquire free, comparative quotes from industry-leading companies within the plastics sector, and with site membership growing year on year, the community now contains over 260 British and Irish suppliers, with over 400 categories of equipment and services being represented.

The website has always operated by partnering only with the most reputable and high-quality industry suppliers, but with PlastikCity’s new partnership with Detected, this information is readily accessible to anyone looking to place a quotation request, courtesy of the Detected widget present on every supplier’s profile.

The addition of Detected’s insights to every company profile on PlastikCity enables site users to easily view businesses credentials at a glance, allowing them to send enquiries with greater confidence. Buyers can now view members’ credit rating, active status, previous company names and parent company information, registered addresses, incorporation date, and account status. Detected is the only company in the world to make this information visible to users of marketplaces and eCommerce websites.

An example of a Detected profile, with Detected’s insights shown in green and PlastikCity insights in blue. (Identifiable company info has been removed in this example.)

In addition to the data verified by Detected, when a user taps on the ‘verified seller’ Detected icons on a profile, they can also review insights provided by PlastikCity. These custom insights confirm that each seller has UK or Irish based service support, and supply premium quality equipment or services.

Carl Futcher, Managing Director at PlastikCity, commented:

“We pride ourselves on connecting serious buyers to the best suppliers within our industry. Product quality on our platform is essential, as are the relationships formed between our suppliers and customers. With Detected profiles now active across the website, our buyers know even more about potential suppliers, helping to build trust and a stronger relationship from the outset.

“As PlastikCity endorses and promotes the goods and services of our partner companies, monitoring and displaying their company status to site users is essential to maintaining our reputation. This process is something we’ve always taken extremely seriously, but with our partnership with Detected, we’re now able to easily share these insights with our website users for increased transparency, allowing them to order with confidence.”

Verified Seller Icons
Simply click the ‘verified seller’ icon present on all company profiles, to see the insights provided by Detected and PlastikCity.

To view Detected’s company insights for yourself, visit the ‘Find a Supplier‘ section of the PlastikCity website, navigate to a section of interest using the menu icons or the search bar, and click the verified seller icon with a red tick on a company’s profile.

Liam Chennells, CEO at Detected, added:

“I’m delighted that another online procurement platform has recognised that trust matters. It makes me proud to see the Detected website widget co-branded with PlastikCity, and for PlastikCity to share the insights they gather alongside the Detected insights is a real win for the customer experience.”

Detected sets the standard for trust in eCommerce. Online marketplaces now have a zero-cost way of verifying their entire seller base, and Detected’s comprehensive dashboard for complete seller management can be deployed within one day. For more information, visit the Detected website.

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