Premier Sharpening Bring ‘Throwaway’ Blades Back to Life

Premier Sharpening Ltd are a modern company with a vast amount of experience in the recycling trade.

They specialise in re-sharpening most types of knives and blades involved in the trade from granulation to compounding. Even small blades that some companies consider ‘throwaway’ are able to be brought back to a like new condition at a saving to the customer. Some examples of what they can re-sharpen can be found on their website.

In addition to re-sharpening, Premier Sharpening supply new knives and blades, with a collection and delivery service in areas. They will always consider collecting from outside their normal area, so feel free to ask.

They currently re-sharpen blades for one of the largest plastic recycling companies in the country, but they also value their smaller customers – striving to achieve the best possible service for them all. Their aim is to provide a quality re-sharpening service at an affordable rate and they pride themselves on reliability. They have customers who will gladly act as a reference for their all round service.

Premier Sharpening always like a challenge, and they like to work closely with their customers to get the best possible performance from their knives and blades – which in turn helps them save money.

If your company uses any type of knife or blade in your process then give Premier Sharpening a call on 07973206195 or email

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Premier Sharpening
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