Raising the Bar: Fraser Anti-Static Techniques Launches New X-SERIES Static Eliminator Range

Fraser Anti-Static Techniques, one of the world’s leading static control technology specialists, has launched a powerful new series of static eliminators, delivering exceptional neutralisation and reactive intelligence.

Fraser’s X-SERIES is a revolutionary new product range elevating electrostatic control to a new level, providing customers with intelligent technology for best-ever performance and reliability.

The entire range of X-SERIES products has in-built reactive intelligence, automatically adjusting the ionisation output of the bar as required. Built around the most advanced technology yet, the X-SERIES products surpass the exceptional performance of the previous NEOS range, eliminating static more effectively than ever.

James Cater, CEO, Fraser Anti-Static Techniques said:
“We are delighted to bring the X-SERIES range to market, raising the bar for static elimination worldwide. Our team of engineers have been working tirelessly on developing and testing these products so we can deliver exceptional performance to customers. The X-SERIES range provides the reliability and smart technology Fraser Anti-Static Techniques is known for and can eliminate static more effectively than ever; the best just got better.”

Best becomes better.

The X-SERIES has a new user interface, and visual indication displays showing the operating mode and charge level detected in real-time. The low-profile footprint means the X-SERIES range can deliver powerful static elimination in compact areas. Electrical connections are identical to existing NEOS installations, minimising downtime and allowing for quick, no-hassle upgrades to the X-SERIES.
The range includes:

  • X-33 – The most potent bar in the range. Perfect for long-range static control applications where high-power static neutralisation is needed.
  •  X-20 – The ‘all-rounder’ suitable for most applications where consistent performance and exceptional reliability are critical.
  • X-12L – A medium range, 12kV bar ideal for increased distance static elimination.
  • X-12F – A short-range static elimination expert. Specifically designed for rapid, close-range static elimination.

Read more on Fraser Anti-Static Techniques here.

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