Ridat Delivers Innovative Thermoforming Technology to Major French Merchandising Group

UK-based thermoforming equipment manufacturer Ridat has strengthened its presence in France thanks to a major commission from merchandising specialist Marie-Laure PLV Merchandising Group.

Ridat, which has more than 60 years of heritage in thermoforming equipment, recently supplied a 4030AVF Vacuum Forming Machine with Duplex Heater with Auto Sheet Feed to Marie-Laure PLV Merchandising Group’s Creaplast site near Evreux.

Marie-Laure PLV Merchandising Group, founded in 1982, designs, develops and manufactures point of sale merchandising displays and projects for major companies ranging from luxury and beauty brands to firms in the retail and automotive sectors.

The Ridat Model 4030AVF was delivered to Marie-Laure PLV Merchandising Group’s Creaplast site, which is responsible for the group’s thermoforming activity.

The order followed an initial delivery of a Ridat 4030AVF machine in 2018. The group, impressed by the model’s reliability and flexibility, ordered a second machine with automatic sheet loading and product removal.

Marie-Laure PLV Merchandising Group has also reaffirmed its confidence in Ridat’s technology by commissioning a larger Ridat 6040AVF machine for Creaplast.

Ridat’s AVF range is designed for consistent production of thicker materials and can be used with all common thermoforming materials between 0.5-12mm in thickness.

Models in the Ridat AVF range use upper and lower ceramic heaters to ensure a balanced temperature distribution to minimise material stress. The dual ceramic heaters also enable a wide variety of materials such as PVC, PS, APET, GPET, HDPE, ABS, STYROLUX, BAREX and K-Resin to be used in the machines.

The duplex heater system featured on Ridat AVF models enables the thickest materials to be heated with minimum material stress, whilst also providing the flexibility to use the optimal heating pattern appropriate to the material and the product being formed.

London-based Ridat’s products are found in over 65 countries across the globe. The company provides a one-stop, single source of packaging plant, including manual, semi-automatic and automatic vacuum forming machines and related ancillaries such as blister sealers and roller presses.

Marie-Laure PLV Merchandising Group has three production plants in France and employs 450 people. Its services include prototyping, design and development, production, installation at the point of sale and recycling and waste management.

Frank Zimmermann, Industrial Director of Marie-Laure PLV Merchandising, commented:

Ridat’s Model 4030AVF offered us the perfect solution and provided us with flexibility in operation at a very affordable price.”

Dipak Sen Gupta, Director of Ridat, said:

We are delighted to further cement our relationship with Marie-Laure PLV Merchandising Group by supplying a new 4030AVF machine to Creaplast.

Our AVF models are designed to offer a high degree of flexibility and the recent commission by Marie-Laure PLV Merchandising Group is another example of how our robust and reliable technology can support large-scale thermoforming operations.”

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