RJG Launches Self-Paced Essentials of Injection Moulding Training Course

RJG Launches Self-Paced Essentials of Injection Moulding Training Course

RJG is pleased to announce the release of its new online, self-paced Essentials of Injection Moulding eLearning course, an introductory course in the RJG Training Academy.

The new, online platform allows for students to benefit from RJG’s award-winning training without travel costs or the need to spend time away from work. With interactive activities and problem-solving, it utilises various learning styles, ensuring maximum knowledge retention and providing tools that can immediately be put to use.

Newcomers, as well as those who are looking for a refresher, will come away from this course with a common foundation from which to advance their knowledge and skills in injection moulding. Learners will have an introduction to the four plastic variables, so they can begin to think from the plastic’s point of view, along with an orientation to the phases involved in DECOUPLED MOLDING®.

The objectives of Essentials of Injection Moulding include:

  • Identify machine and mould components and their primary functions
  • Classify properties and characteristics of thermoplastic materials
  • Examine the four plastic variables, how they are influenced by primary machine settings during a DECOUPLED MOLDING® II process, and their relationship to common defects
  • Recognise common safety hazards, symbols, and functions of safety mechanisms
  • Outline the keys to profitable moulding

To benefit as much as possible and gain the necessary tools to succeed in more advanced courses, Essentials of Injection Moulding eLearning can be bundled with Math for Moulders eLearning course at a discounted rate. The eLearning Essentials Bundle will be available at the same time as Essentials of Injection Moulding.

“Considering that manufacturers have been suffering from a severe talent drought that has only been exasperated by the Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve heard from our customers that it can be hard to pull employees away from production for an entire shift to provide traditional classroom-based or even virtual instructor-led training,” said Margaret Weinzapfel, Lead Instructional Designer at RJG.

“But now with our eLearning Essentials Bundle, they’re able to reduce the time it takes for new hires to get familiarised with industry terms and the foundational concepts of DECOUPLED MOLDING. With on-demand access to training that’s portioned out into digestible segments, RJG is more able to help moulders immediately bridge the skills gap in an efficient and cost-effective way.”

Essentials of Injection Moulding will replace the in-person Injection Moulding Essentials course. Sign up today!

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