S.I.S.E Plastics K 2022 Preview: E.THERM-W90

S.I.S.E, known worldwide for its hot runner temperature control, mould temperature control, production monitoring software, sequential valve gate control and advanced 4.0 solutions, is about to release its new generation of E.THERM-W90 temperature mould controllers, equipped with the company’s new 7’’ colour touch screen. 


This extremely efficient and robust new generation provides optimised hydraulic circuits, particularly for cooling. It also offers additional protection for the interface sockets. Regulation control is adaptive depending on the type of appliance. Advanced and programmable management of alarms and failures ensures optimal operation. The new very intuitive, straightforward, customisable colour touch interface can be adapted according to the options installed. Last but not least, three levels of communication are available: 0-10V, Arburg protocol, and E82.1 (OPCUA).

This new, flexible, modular generation thus incorporates a unified colour user interface for the entire range of temperature controllers, with easily installable option packs. All components are easily accessible and replaceable for easy maintenance. Furthermore, logging and graphic display of process data, enhanced instrumentation, and event ensure process traceability and data transmission using the open OPC-UA communication standard, entirely in line with SISE 4.0 strategy.


New solutions make it easier to read and understand the collected data and report malfunctions quickly to users daily.

Visit S.I.S.E Plastics at K2022: Hall 1 Stand, E30 where they will exhibit the new E.THERM-W90.

S.I.S.E Plastics
+33 474 773 453

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