Sonic Solutions Saves Customer £75K Per Annum on Replacement Filters

A major Midlands-based recycling company enlisted the help of Sonic Solutions to clean dirty, blocked filters that would have otherwise been discarded, saving them over £75,000 a year.

Sonic Solutions provides ultrasonic cleaning services to the plastics industry. Based in West Yorkshire, the company removes dirt from your production and process parts, saving you both precious time and money as well as rejected products.

Established in 2004, Sonic Solutions have cleaned all manner of contaminants from different parts and items, including polymers, oils and greases, dust, scale and rust from hot melt filter discs, extruder screws and nozzles, filters and heat exchangers, to name a few. Boasting over 15 years of experience and ISO 9001 certification, Sonic Solutions will have your parts looking as good as new in no time, using a variety of cleaning processes and chemistries.

Business Need

A recycling company in the Midlands had a major issue when processing plastic scrap for recycling. It uses a type of filter to recirculate air in the reprocessing machine. Over time as the process reduces the plastic into smaller and smaller pieces, the particles get trapped and block the filter, rendering them useless. Unable to clean them effectively, they were discarded after two uses at great cost to the company.

Sonic Solutions’ role

The recycling company found Sonic Solutions online and got in touch, hoping Sonic Solutions could help. Sonic Solutions followed its normal process of enquiring about the contaminant, the material type of the item to be cleaned, and the level of cleanliness required for the next process, followed by a free trial clean. The results from the trial were outstanding and the client was so impressed he quickly sent an entire batch up for Sonic Solutions to clean.

The outcome

A huge direct cost saving of over £75,300 per annum on replacement filters. On top of these direct cost savings, their engineering support manager reported increased productivity totalling over 20% from the recycling lines using the cleaned filter discs compared to the old blocked discs. His only comment on the value of this increased productivity was a smile.

Other reported benefits included:

  • Improved quality and consistency of finished product
  • Increased reliability of production output
  • Higher capacity allowing quicker delivery
  • Improved ability to increase output in response to demand
  • Higher customer satisfaction from a more consistent product

The Engineering Manager at the recycling company concluded: “All in all, a massive win for us, reducing costs and increasing revenue simultaneously in a very competitive market.”

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