SP Technology Launches Rebrand & Secures Exclusive Cobot License & Distributorship

SP Technology has today (Thursday 20th February 2020) been announced as the first and only Scottish distribution partner of collaborative robots, from Universal Robots, also known as cobots, in a deal potentially worth £1million in the first year of trading alone.

Encompassing the diversification, the Dundee based company has rebranded as SP Automation & Robotics while also expanding with the creation of a new division. SP Elements will spearhead the cobot offering, creating cost-effective, flexible, and safe automation for a wide range of production tasks that impact SME’s productivity.

Roy Henderson, Director, started with SP Automation & Robotics in 1986 as its first-ever apprentice and now owns the business with co-director Lee Nixon. Roy said: “Cobots can be adapted and easily programmed to complete an incredibly wide variety of tasks; everything from packaging and assembly to quality inspection and machine tending. Anyone with no previous robot experience can have one operational and functioning out of the box within 2-3 hours.

The distribution licence and increased scope of business will see SP Automation & Robotics, employing an in-house team of 36, increase their annual turnover by 20%, as they expect to sell around 30 cobot units and associated end effect arm tooling accessories in year one of trading.

Andrew Clouston, Sales Engineer, SP Elements, has been recruited to drive the division. He said: “Commercially viable cobots solve the monotonous tasks business simply can’t staff. They streamline repetitive industrial processes allowing employees to move from repetitive, low-value tasks to higher-value activities that increase productivity and working conditions.

“The SP Elements approach will allow customers, who would normally see the cost prohibitive to embrace automation by integrating cost-effective solutions by themselves. It also allows effective upscaling as the increase in capacity and productivity levels means they can fulfil larger orders and complete more tasks in the same timeframe.

Reflecting the expansion, the company has been totally rebranded, with a new look as well as a new name and division.

Lee Nixon, Director, said: “The SP Elements division and our new brand brings the SP look up to date with the quality products and services we supply. We have removed the word technology from our name, but with a remarkable team; including mechanical, electrical, software and manufacturing engineers, our solutions will continue to embrace the latest in innovation and invention ensuring our clients have the best fit for purpose solution possible.

“SP means Special Purpose. We’ve been designing and manufacturing bespoke, special purpose automation and robotic systems for over 35 years for an array of industries including medical device, pharmacy, automotive, white goods and food industry for clients across the UK and Europe. The name Elements was chosen for the cobot division as the technology allows clients to automate specific areas of their business while being entirely flexible as cobots can be reprogrammed or modified at any stage, and moved easily around production facilities.

Along with four different cobot arms for varying tasks and weights the SP Elements team will be able to advise on and supply end effect tooling such as electric grippers and vacuums, as well as deliver full onsite support. Further standard automation platforms such as palletising and welding system will be added to the portfolio as the brand progresses.

The new branding, launching today, incorporates every visible sphere of SP Automation & Robotics operations from a new company website, through to signage, business stationery, promotional literature, corporate clothing and company vehicles.

To find out more about SP Automation & Robotics visit www.sp-automation.co.uk.

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