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Let’s be real…

If you were to buy a gold bullion, you’re most likely not buying just for the sake of it, but as an investment – for the inflation protection it provides instead of leaving your money sitting in your bank account reducing in buying power.

The same applies if you’re buying stocks and shares – you’re probably not just looking to become a shareholder of that particular company, but rather to reap the financial gain.

In your business, you do not buy machinery without knowing specifically how the machine will deliver a return on your investment, and increase either your business scope or the efficiency of your existing processes.

Equally, you don’t employ staff for fun, you hire them to do a particular job for the company – to reach its objectives and goals.

When you hire a web designer you don’t want the web designer, you want the website.

And the reason you hire your accountant is to take care of your accounting liabilities and to reduce your tax bills.

This applies in your personal life too; if you go to the opticians you don’t want glasses, you want vision.

When you go to the gym you are doing so for the mental and physical benefits.

Ergo, you don’t want what someone or something does, you want what they or it causes.

Bestselling author Andy Bounds calls these benefits the AFTERS, E.G. what you get AFTER.

The AFTERS of ISO – What can be gained?

In this blog, we discuss the AFTERS of ISO management systems – some of which are generic to ISO management systems such as increased sales ability that is gained by having the certification.

However, many of the AFTERS covered are specific to EmmersonWills management systems, such as simplified systems, and management system operational cost efficiencies. This is due to our unique systems, approach, processes, and full-service business model.

The advantages of ISO Management Systems


UKAS-certified systems provide a competitive edge in your market. The regulated external assessment process provides user reassurance and peace of mind for delivery of products and services in line with their requirements – without the need to assess the business itself.


Increased quality and consistent output that is delivered on time is the purpose of ISO quality systems and the leading factor for a successful and continued good business relationship & partnership.


All EmmersonWills ISO systems are built to satisfy UKAS level assessment and therefore achieve certification.


All EmmersonWills systems are designed to be compliant, yet simple and efficient. Assessment experience has shown that the vast majority of non-EW systems audited are complex or inefficient and, fail to combine processes or consider future changes.


Time and time again we have witnessed wasteful systems that are reliant on one, or a few, key people – usually that is among the more senior managers or owners. Systems at their very core are designed to spread the load of running a business and remove reliance on any one person – our systems do just that.


Having a certified ISO system means a lot less work on tender and portal applications / PQQs. Hours can be regularly saved. This is in addition to a much higher success rate at winning work.


ISO systems are designed to bring consistency to production and provision. Using the processes we install will organically provide continual improvement, which reduces mistakes and waste.


The very essence of ISO systems is to bring continual improvement to production and provision. As such, operational quality and consistency are increased – which means greater efficiency and fewer mistakes. All resulting in a positive effect on the bottom line.

Furthermore, a by-product of this is increased customer satisfaction which is beneficial to retention, and even word of mouth, all resulting in a positive effect on the top line.


Systematic companies are valuable as they are not person dependent. ISO systems that are UKAS certified not only provide impartial validation of installation, but they are also validated as maintained, and provide the foundations for a systematic culture.

In some companies, this can be quite a hurdle to overcome.


A UKAS-certified management system speaks for itself in bringing credibility to a company’s commitment to its trade, output, and customer satisfaction.


An EmmersonWills management system will provide you with robust foundations so that your staff can continue full business systemisation in an easy-to-use, yet functional, and organised manner.

This is a key factor – adding to many other benefits listed within such as sustainable business growth, increased business value, and less owner/director dependence. It also greatly aids training ability and therefore staff gain, retention, and skill requirements.


People are key to business growth. As the function of systems is to not rely on any one person, ISO business management systems provide not only the foundations for systemized growth, but also systemized culture which in some companies can be quite a hurdle to overcome.


In addition to providing sustainable business growth, our management systems are designed to enhance a systematic culture, thus placing more operational accountability upon employees. This will reduce owner/director dependence and still provide the procedural foundations for controllable operations and growth.


The very nature of ISO systems means that an output of KPIs can be created to monitor a company’s performance for factors such as waste, error, and delivery – giving an overview of efficiency and delivery.


No good employee wants to be making mistakes. In using systemisation to reduce errors you are therefore increasing employee satisfaction.


Having support from EmmersonWills means no last-minute worrying or panicking. We plan and conduct internal auditing, chair management reviews, liaise with relevant staff, and even attend to support and manage external assessments.


It has been found that the cost of self-running and/or inefficient systems costs more for your company than having a professionally supported and efficient system from EmmersonWills.

Furthermore, you’ll be free to do what you do best; run and grow your business!


ISO 45001 is designed to ensure the process of safety in operations to reduce the risk of harm. Having a H&S management system means there is minimal risk from staff inadvertently taking incorrect actions, thus providing a general good culture towards safety.


ISO 14001 is designed to systematically get a company to consider its environmental impact with measurements to improve upon it. Many companies are surprised by the impact that some small changes can make, which also most often save money.

Furthermore, pressure is mounting on businesses to be more environmentally friendly and ‘green’. It’ll not be long before regulation will insist upon internal management for energy and waste reduction in order to meet the UK Government’s 25-year environmental plan.

The effect is already being seen, and having an environmental management system now often provides a sales competitive edge from client organisations that have active environmental programs. If you are using tender platforms, you could be losing business due to this, however, you would be completely unaware due to the faceless and systematic process of such programs.

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