Visit Prea & The PCN at Plastics Live 2024

Visit Prea & The PCN at Plastics Live 2024

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Prea is a leading global consultancy established over 25 years ago and specialises in the polymer industry. They provide expertise in chemical engineering, manufacturing and other sectors. Pravin S Mistry, CEO at Prea Ltd and Chair of the PCN will be attending Plastics Live on the 12th and 13th of June.

The Plastics Consultancy Network (PCN) is an international independent professional network of some of the most experienced independent polymer consultants in the world, with specialisms in plastics, rubber, composites, adhesives and polyurethanes. Their collective experience is both deep and broad, with each member having held significant roles in the industry at both national and global levels.

During these demanding times, the goal of the PCN is to be a proactive partner in your business, helping you quickly and innovatively solve challenges and find effective solutions. They aim to achieve excellent outcomes for you with minimal costs. PCN consultants fit right into your team, providing their knowledge on a flexible basis, saving you the costs of a permanent position. Thus, PCN represents not just expertise but flexibility and cost-effectiveness, allowing you to leverage their knowledge precisely when you need it most.

Members of the PCN will be attending Plastics Live on June 12th and 13th at the CBS Arena, Coventry, on stand M18, next to Prea on stand M14.

Richard Bladon, Robin Kent, Terry Cooper and Scott Brannan will be hosting talks on finding ways to cut costs, energy efficiency, recycling, bioplastics and health and safety.

The PCN Members At a Glance:

Pravin S Mistry: Global mergers & acquisitions, recruitment, chair roles, polymer consultancy, commercial & technical representation ad-hoc basis

Richard Bladon: Health and safety for plastics processors

Eric Boinard: Value-added consumer-centred innovation within a regulatory framework

John Bovis: Polymer product consultant, design/development to production-cell, lightweight, process, tool & energy optimisation

Scott Brannan: Cost estimating to set targets and reduce costs

Graham Chetwood: Cost reduction from improved purchasing

Christophe Convert: Concept to reality, product design to development

Terence Cooper: Bioplastics, sustainable packaging, recycling & recovery

Peter Cox: Extrusion & multi-layered plastics

Peter Cracknell: High-quality on-site polymer training & consultancy services

Gerhard Crossman: Turnaround & process improvements, change management

John Duncan: Thermal, dynamic mechanical & dielectric analysis

Jesús Fernández: Energy efficiency improvement and sustainability management

John Gearing: Thermal testing

Sarah Greenwood: Packaging

Trevor Hutley: Global polymer industry consultant, Research & Innovation advisor

Andy Jewell:  Industry 4.0 – Cloud MES, ERP & IoT (DigitalManufacturing) specialist

Robin Kent: Energy surveys & energy management, sustainability management

Nicolas Kokel: Strategic business opportunities, processing, converting and applications, recycling and sustainability

Brian Lodge: Sustainable packaging design, assessment, and training

Jeremy Pingstone: Injection moulding. Education, skills & apprenticeships

Eric Reddock: Composites and reinforced polymers expertise

Fabrizio Rizzato/Petra Mickova: Thermoset polyurethanes from chemistry to equipment

Colin Sarson: Helping companies grow, maximise profits and develop their workforce

Eddie Sheridan: Market research, materials, packaging & improvement

Bernard Sinclair: Product design

John Taylor: All aspects of extrusion technology from materials to machinery.

If you’d like to pre-book a meeting with Pravin at the show, please get in touch with Prea Ltd using the details below.

Read more from PREA Ltd here.

Prea Ltd
0161 207 8007

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