The All-New Allrounder 470 H – An Anniversary Gift From Arburg!

The All-New Allrounder 470 H – An Anniversary Gift From Arburg!

The 100-year anniversary of the Hehl family company has set the stage for Arburg‘s latest piece of machine technology, the hybrid Allrounder 470 H. This anniversary machine delivers an impressive performance across the board: it saves energy, conserves resources, and is production-efficient, user-friendly and reliable all at the same time!

The perfect combination of an electric clamping unit and a hydraulic injection unit significantly reduces acquisition and operating costs as well as the carbon footprint. With “Comfort”, “Premium”, and “Ultimate” performance variants, various injection units and a wide range of options, the new Allrounder 470 H machines can not only be precisely adapted to specific customer requirements – they also mark the start of a new generation of machines from Arburg.

Electric drives are becoming increasingly important, not least in terms of energy efficiency,” points out Gerhard Böhm, Managing Director of Sales and Service. “In the new Allrounder 470 H, we have created precisely the hybrid machine that users need today and in the future; a machine that has not yet been available on the market in this form.” The anniversary machine is particularly interesting to customers who are looking for an energy-saving alternative to hydraulic machines, for example, but who also want to benefit from their proven benefits.

Unique hybrid machine

The new generation of machines incorporates many technological innovations that are only available from Arburg,” adds Guido Frohnhaus, Managing Director of Technology & Engineering. “When designing the new Allrounder 470 H, we significantly enhanced our proven technology to optimise the energy footprint and reduce cycle times.” Contributing factors include the new oil management concept for which a patent is now pending, flow rate splitting for simultaneous movements of hydraulic secondary axes and the extended use of the Arburg servo hydraulic system.

50 per cent less energy, CO2 cut by 12,000 kilogram

Compared to a similar hydraulic machine, the energy footprint of the Allrounder 470 H is up to 50 per cent better, and depending on the application, up to 12,000 kilograms of CO2 can be saved each year. The new oil management concept also helps to conserve resources: For one thing, around 35 per cent less oil is needed, and for another, waste machine heat is used to pre-heat the oil. In addition, the required cooling water capacity is also between 50 and 70 per cent lower! A reduction in the dry cycle time of up to 33 per cent results in significantly greater production efficiency.

Save time and money on service and maintenance.

User-friendliness and reliability are also important criteria for the new machine in order to save time and money on service and maintenance,” says Gerhard Böhm. “To achieve this, we incorporated the experiences and suggestions of our customers and service technicians directly into the design.Gerhard Böhm adds that predictive maintenance is an important factor in this context and describes how the machine will automatically report that the oil filter is due to be changed soon, for example, so that this can be scheduled accordingly.

Less energy thanks to the Arburg servo-hydraulic system

The Arburg servo-hydraulic system (ASH), which has already proven itself in hydraulic and electric Allrounders, has been integrated in the Allrounder 470 H Comfort and Premium machines. ASH enables particularly energy-efficient and low-emission operation, as the speed-controlled, water-cooled servo motor continuously adjusts the drive system to the actual power requirement. This means, for example, that when the machine stops moving, the pump drive also stops and there are therefore no more idling losses. This saves up to 50 per cent of the energy, especially in processes with long cooling times. At the same time, however, the machine’s cooling requirements and noise level are also significantly reduced.

Flow rate splitting for simultaneous movements

Splitting the flow rate of the hydraulic pump makes it possible to drive an additional secondary axis at the same time. This technology has a positive effect on production and energy efficiency, particularly with the powerful hybrid Allrounder H machines. The machines consume less energy in total and cycle times are also reduced at the same time. These are two real advantages in combination that the hybrid series can offer over purely hydraulic machines.

Oil management saves resources.

The new oil management concept with improved oil container, differential pressure-enabled oil filter housing and predictive maintenance for filter changes and oil pump inspection are aspects ensuring that the new machines are extremely reliable and operate with low energy and resource requirements. The warning message for a dirty filter is issued when the level reaches 75 per cent, which is early enough to enable proactive procurement of a new filter in good time. Result: no machine standstill. By attaching the filter element to the removable cover with a handle and making the filter housing easily accessible on the operating side, the machine’s designers have also made the filter housing more ergonomic.

The new oil management concept reduces energy and cooling water consumption and increases the service life of the individual components, in some cases considerably. Hot, contaminated hydraulic oil is separated from cold, clean hydraulic oil in the oil container. Together with the constantly filtered and cooled return volume and targeted flow guidance, the oil quality is improved with an oil volume that is around 35 per cent lower, and the service life of the components is increased, thereby improving machine availability. The waste heat from the machine can be used to pre-heat the oil and does not flow back into the cooling water circuit as residual heat.

Increased user-friendliness

Additional design simplifications have been implemented to ensure that the machine is extremely user-friendly. A real-time Ethernet bus replaces the individual ribbon cables of the control modules, which increases the service and service life of the machines. The distribution of the hardware on and in the machine base has been completely restructured.

The control manifold and hydraulic accumulator technology have been moved inside so that there is more space for peripheral equipment at the rear side of the 470 H Allrounder machines. The electrical, hydraulic and water media circuits have been separated, which simplifies assembly, service and conversion. Hydraulic and water circuits are located in the machine base. The pneumatic and central lubrication systems are on the operating side, which also means more flexibility with options on the rear side.

This optimised distribution saves time during service and in daily use. Finally, arranging options and interfaces uniformly on the rear side of the machine also provides more clarity and order around the Allrounder H.

Anniversary machine as a first step towards the future

The new Allrounder 470 H machines in the “Comfort” and “Premium” performance variants will celebrate their world premiere as part of the exclusive anniversary events at Arburg’s headquarters in Lossburg in February 2023. The anniversary machines will then be on display live at the Anniversary Days from 8 to 11 March and at a host of Arburg events and trade fairs around the world.

Arburg is taking an important step towards the future with its Allrounder 470 H anniversary machine,” says Guido Frohnhaus, also offering a first glimpse into the future: “The new concept will be gradually implemented for other Allrounders in the hybrid Hidrive series – and the new generation of machines heralds great things for Arburg. It will be exciting to see what happens next!

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