Trotec Unveils New U300 Laser Marker

Trotec Unveils New U300 Laser Marker

Trotec Laser has introduced the U300 laser marker. The U300 features a working area of 190mm x 190mm and is designed to mark plastics and metals efficiently.

Developed for efficient material processing

Man using Trotec Lasers new U300 Laser Marker

The U series features a maintenance-free fibre laser source capable of direct laser marking of blank metals, while plastics can be easily recoloured. The high-quality lenses and laser spot guarantee perfect laser marking results for these applications, even for fine details.

As with all Trotec marking lasers, the U series is designed for high-speed marking, allowing a range of data to be marked in the blink of an eye, including graphics or texts. The built-in material database allows you to select pre-determined parameters and store your own settings to make the job set-up as efficient as possible.

Save time with border marking

The newly developed border marking function allows users to project a guide onto the surface to be marked at any time during the process so that jobs can be positioned in real-time and corrected with the click of a mouse.

The new U300 is now available from Trotec UK. Visit for more information, or get in touch with the team using the contact details below.



+44 (0)191 580 1184

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