Utility Team’s Covid-19 Support Fund Extended

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on Monday 4th January, Utility Team is extending its Covid-19 Support Fund scheme, which is available to all UK businesses, for another three months.

In a third national lockdown, this is very welcome news from Utility Team, one of the country’s leading and award-winning energy consultants, as the Covid-19 Support Fund gives businesses access to interest-free funding through the form of a rebate on their energy bill.

The money can be spent on anything that the business needs to navigate the uncertain times ahead, whether that’s paying employees, buying PPE equipment, or paying suppliers. This fund is to help businesses survive and then grow once the pandemic is over.

The funding application process is straightforward, and Utility Team works with the business every step of the way. After initially identifying what the business wants to achieve, they then scope out the amount of funding required to make it happen. Having identified the level of funding needed, they then review the business’s current energy usage to see if there is the potential to create a cash fund. Using their strong relationships with energy suppliers, they identify the best supplier for the business to unlock an upfront, interest-free cash rebate.

Once an agreement is in place, the vital funds will be transferred to your business. The process can take less than 30 days, from initial scoping through to the money being in the business’s bank account.

Utility Team is driven to help customers grow their businesses. Traditionally this has been through designing and implementing the best energy strategies, but when the global pandemic hit, they knew they had to play their part in helping businesses survive.

Delvin Lane, CEO of Utility Team, said: “The Covid-19 Support Fund has been very well received by customers at a time for great uncertainty. After the Prime Minister’s announcement, the board felt that extending the scheme was absolutely the right thing to do. We feel we have a responsibility to help where we can, and we hope that by extending the funding scheme for another three months, more businesses can benefit.

To find out more about the Covid-19 Support Fund, please click here or email plastikcity@utilityteam.co.uk. Alternatively, drop Steven Plunkett-Dent a line on 07767 268888.

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