Global Plastics Recycling Business, Vanden Recycling, is Celebrating Impressive Growth and Success in Turkey

Global Plastics Recycling Business, Vanden Recycling, is Celebrating Impressive Growth and Success in Turkey

The company opened its Istanbul office in July 2019 with the aim of supporting the country’s goal of raising recycling rates by helping its domestic plastic manufacturing market increase the use of recycled content.  

Despite opening offices in a new country just before the global pandemic hit, Vanden has gone from strength to strength in the past two years.

The company has expanded into a new and larger fourth-floor office space, as well as investing in a full technical lab within this office so extensive material testing, including identification of contaminants, can be carried out there.

Global Technical Director Beril Yesilirmak explains, “We invested in a lab to enhance our technical capabilities and ensure quality. Delivering certainty is our core purpose, so we are bringing technical analysis to determine consistency and point out impurities and combinations of recycled plastics.  

With the added value to plastics, we are targeting to enhance usage levels at matching applications and supporting recycled content plastic usages with our customer’s hand in hand.” 

Vanden’s new laboratory consists of technology and equipment that allows the team to understand the recycled plastic source, and analyse and determine the quality levels – a crucial element to finding the right outlets. Polymer type and combination determination, melt flow analysis, density check, impurity analysis under heat ageing, ash content and filler type analysis are all tests that are undertaken.

Vanden has been able to capitalise on the lucrative Turkish market, and the company’s extensive global access means that it can secure consistent revenue for its customers. Vanden’s presence in the country has also opened up access to international markets for the trading of recycled resins and products made in Turkey.

Vanden is growing so rapidly that it is also looking for two more people to join its Istanbul team. It is currently recruiting for a logistics coordinator who will support customers in receiving their products and build an effective logistics network from Turkey to the rest of the world. The company is also looking to add a new sales administrator to its team, who will support and drive sales as well as develop a diverse customer base for Vanden’s range of scrap and recycled plastics.

Vanden Recycling’s Turkish Managing Director, Derya Eksi, said, “It’s been fantastic to see our growth in Turkey over the three and a half years and during a global pandemic! We operate in a number of markets, and because of this, we can keep scrap materials moving, even when one market might close down for a season or shipping slows down to manage legislation changes.  

Due to our reach and experience, we can stay consistently operational, including when our customers need it the most, which helps us realise real success in new markets, such as Turkey. We’re looking forward to what next year will bring.” 

Vanden Recycling reprocesses scrap plastics it collects from post-industrial waste streams into regrind and then sells that back for manufacturing. It also offers secure destruction and tolling services.

The company recently celebrated 17 years of supplying recycled plastic to manufacturers across the globe.

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