Vanden Recycling Takes Quality to the Next Level at PRSE 2018

Vanden Recycling Takes Quality to the Next Level at PRSE 2018

Quality is key to the successful recovery and use of recyclable plastic. Vanden Recycling UK, a subsidiary of Vanden Global, will demonstrate how it takes quality to the next level at Plastics Recycling Show Europe 2018.

Operating worldwide for more than a decade, Vanden Recycling has a reputation for the supply of high quality recyclable plastics. This provides a consistent, reliable feedstock for manufacturers seeking to increase the quantity of recycled materials within both existing and new products and packaging.

Vanden adheres to a strict set of procedures to ensure it maintains a consistent supply of high quality recyclable plastics, including LDPE, LLDPE, PE/PP Rigid, WEEE, PVC, PS and EPS. These procedures include:

•  Inspections before purchase, including sample sharing and photographic evidence for complete transparency
•  Pre-purchase sampling
•  In-house loading inspections to ensure quality and volumes match expectations
•  Compliance with all major standards in Europe and Asia including ISO 9001
•  Dedicated account manager oversees material from start to finish

In addition, Vanden has opened a dedicated UK production plant in Peterborough which supplies high quality PP and PET regrind. This processes more than 30MT tonnes of recovered post-industrial and post-production PP and PET a year. The Peterborough plant follows a strict set of procedures to ensure a high, consistent quality product is delivered. This includes:

•  Pre-sorting of all recovered materials before entering production process
•  All material goes through a ZigZag Airflow System to remove lightweight debris
•  All lines have metal detection indicators
•  Dedicated PET and PP/HDPE production lines to avoid cross contamination
•  Full clean down of PP/HDPE line after each material is processed
•  Clear testing and inspection process

Further information is available at or by calling Vanden Recycling UK on +44 (0) 2892 668009.

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