Verus Metrology Launches New Metrology Training Academy

Verus Metrology Launches New Metrology Training Academy

Part of our ethos at Verus is to continuously innovate and improve, so we are taking our training offering to the next level with the launch of the Verus Metrology Training Academy.

This academy is supported by our extensive experience providing metrology training. We continuously train our own technicians and engineers, and we have experience providing ad hoc training to our customers, both in-person and online.

Our Metrology Training Academy enhances this service offering. It is open to all companies in the medical device industry. We offer bespoke training courses customised to your specific requirements, with options from metrology fundamentals through to advanced processes and best practice standards.

The Importance of Enhancing Metrology and Inspection Expertise

In industries like medical device manufacturing, metrology and inspection processes are becoming more important for a variety of reasons, including changing regulations and the push to maximise overall production line productivity.

Metrology and inspection processes are also becoming more complicated. The latter is largely down to the fantastic medical device innovations that are being developed – innovations that are transforming healthcare around the world.

Andrew Hodson is CEO and Co-Founder of Verus Metrology. He said: “With our years of experience in the industry, we have witnessed first-hand the need to increase metrology skills levels in the medical device industry, as well as the need to develop more metrology technicians and engineers. Contributing to this skills improvement effort is important for the industry and for us at Verus.

“Training has always been a part of our service offering, and we have a strong training programme that we offer to our own staff. We are excited to now extend this even further with the launch of the Verus Metrology Training Academy.

“We are also doing something different compared to other metrology training that is available. For example, most metrology and inspection equipment manufacturers offer training courses and modules. We have put members of our own team through some of these courses, and they are very good.

“However, they are also solely focused on a specific machine or software application. We also find the tone of the training in these courses can lean towards the automotive and aerospace industries. Those industries have an important metrology requirement, but their inspection and measurement needs are very different from manufacturers in the medical device industry.

“In the medical device industry, for example, there are unique design and manufacturing techniques and elements that differ from heavy manufacturing industries, plus most components are made from plastics. All these things have an impact on metrology and inspection processes.

“In our Metrology Training Academy, we are going to take a customer-focused approach, rather than an approach focused on equipment or software. This means the training we offer will be comprehensive, but it will also be fully customised. In other words, the training will be structured around the components our clients need to measure.”

From Basic Training Up to Internationally Certified Metrology Engineer Level

Jon Banner, Applications and Development Director at Verus, is leading the development of the Verus Metrology Training Academy. He explained the training covers all skills levels: “We can develop courses in our Metrology Training Academy for technicians and engineers at any level. This includes providing training on the fundamentals of metrology right up to advanced training on cutting-edge metrology fixtures and measurement processes.

“The training we offer is intensive and proven, and it is designed so that technicians and engineers can go back to their departments with the skills and knowledge they need to complete day-to-day tasks and improve their inspection processes.

“Crucially, we don’t start with a machine, process, or service that is relevant to us at Verus. Instead, our starting point is the device or component the client needs to measure. We then build out and structure the training around that device or component.

“Our goal is to make sure the people we train know everything they need to know to efficiently, accurately, and effectively measure and inspect the devices or components produced in their facility.”

A Natural Fit

The Verus Training Academy naturally fits into Verus Metrology’s approach to the delivery of services.  Michael Nugent, Verus Metrology COO and Co-Founder, explained: “We get fantastic feedback on the training that we currently offer because there is no wasted time or irrelevant information. Also, we don’t leave it up to the customer to translate what they have learned in the training to their day-to-day metrology processes. We do that for them.

“It’s just like when a client contacts us with a problem or to get help specifying a machine. We don’t give general information, we don’t over-spec machines, and we don’t over-engineer solutions. We look at the requirements of the customer and we develop a solution based on those requirements.

“This is exactly how we are approaching the Metrology Training Academy. We are passionate about metrology innovation, and we are passionate about enhancing skills across the industry. Our Metrology Training Academy will contribute to these goals.”

For more information on the Metrology Training Academy, or to discuss your training needs, please get in touch.


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