Verus Revise Sub-Contract Metrology Offering

Like the technologies that underpin their business, the services provided at Verus Metrology Partners are constantly improving and evolving.

One such service is their Sub-Contract Metrology offering, which provides a tailored inspection service, giving clients access to the experience, knowledge and technology of Verus experts on a sub-contract basis.

The company have recently revised this service to ensure that it is of optimum value for clients.

Sub-Contract Metrology is an aspect of the business that is in sharp focus as clients increasingly look for sub-contracted services – be that Dimensional Inspection, a Validation Metrology Service, Calibration & Certification or use of Inspection Machines.


As part of the revision of Sub-Contract Metrology, Verus have introduced a new pricing structure based on a half-day or daily rate rather than on the number of dimensions measured.

They have also introduced price discounts on a sliding scale, applicable to all projects completed during each 30-day period throughout the year.

  • A discount of 5% will be applied on the 3rd day of each project
  • A discount of 10% will be applied on the 5th day of each project
  • A discount of 15% will be applied on the 10th day of each project

“The new structure is more cost-effective for our customers,” says Jon Stabler, Metrology Applications Manager, who is based at Verus’ offices in the UK. “We are noticing an increased need for Sub-Contract Metrology because clients don’t have the capacity to do it themselves; perhaps because someone is sick, a machine is down or because they have an overflow of work they need to get through. Our approach is to work with clients on a partnership basis to the point that we often operate as an external department for them.

“Our clients also often need to get a second opinion. If they have parts from a supplier that they measure internally but believe might have an issue; they send it to us to get an independent check in a lab environment by OEM-certified engineers.

“Under Sub-Contract Metrology, we also do First Article Inspection Reports (FAIRs) – where a customer wants to make a part, we measure the first article that they have created so they know it is fine to start manufacturing in bulk,” says Jon.

“One of the key advantages for a client in choosing Verus Metrology Partners for Sub-Contract Metrology is that we offer a quick turnaround with high-quality reports at a very good price,” says Hazel Rooney, Metrology Manager, based in Ireland.

Sub-Contract Metrology services are available to customers under four headings:


The company provide a tailored sub-contract inspection service where experts from the Verus metrology team can provide clients with a range of specific services on a sub-contracting basis – from initial sample inspection reports (ISIR) and tool validation to measurement procedure creation and on-site metrology support.

Their experts will work with clients to ensure that any project that needs accurate dimensional measurements is completed within the fastest possible turnaround while maintaining the highest level of quality.


Verus partners with clients to provide a full validation metrology service, allowing them to reduce the amount of time and resources spent on this time-consuming process. Using their bespoke metrology fixtures, equipment, software and equivalent metrology machines, Verus can guarantee clients’ validation service is completed quickly and to the highest possible standards.

Verus pride themselves on providing clients with an efficient service which guarantees confidence in the metrology data.


One of the specialities at Verus is the certification of non-standard bespoke gauges and their experts have created a standard procedure for the inspection and testing of such gauges, developed over years of working closely with clients.

Verus also calibrate and certify a wide variety of standard gauges, providing this service to a wide range of clients across numerous sectors. Their aim is to provide both accredited, traceable calibration and verification of both standard and non-standard gauges.


Experts at Verus Metrology Partners have a wide variety of inspection machines, allowing them to provide bespoke solutions to clients. Their machines are of the highest standards and are calibrated and kept in a temperature-controlled environment to ensure they are fully compliant to international standards.

Verus’ expert engineers are fully trained and certified by the OEMs as well as through their in-house training and development programme.

To find out more about the Sub-Contract Metrology services provided, contact Jon Stabler, the Metrology Applications Manager in the UK, on +44 (0)115 967 7807 (ext. 1001) or Hazel Rooney, the Metrology Manager in Ireland on +353 (0)71 91 43506 (ext. 4).

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