Why It’s Time for the UK’s Plastics Industry to Embrace Automation

Why It’s Time for the UK’s Plastics Industry to Embrace Automation

Despite being a powerhouse in manufacturing with an impressive £224bn output, the UK surprisingly ranks 24th in global robot density. This isn’t just a fun fact – it’s a critical indicator that we need to step up our game in industrial automation, especially given ongoing labour shortages and rising operational costs in recent years. Let’s delve into why automation is no longer a luxury but a necessity for our industry’s future.

What benefits will automation bring to your plastic moulding process?

Skyrocketing Efficiency:
Imagine a world where your production line works seamlessly around the clock. Industrial robots make this a reality. They’re not just machines; they’re your tireless workers, capable of operating 24/7, drastically improving efficiency. With robots, tasks that were once time-consuming become swift and seamless, leading to a noticeable jump in production output.

Enhancing Product Quality: Quality is king in manufacturing, and robots are the ace up your sleeve. With their precision and consistency, industrial robots significantly up the ante on product quality and remove human error. This means fewer defects, less waste, and a product that consistently hits the high marks for quality.

Economic Gains in the Long Run: Yes, robots are an investment, but they’re one that pays off handsomely. By boosting efficiency and product quality, robots help in reducing overall production costs. Over time, this leads to increased profitability, making the initial investment more than worthwhile.

Why the UK needs to catch up

The latest IFR World Robotics Industrial Robot report throws a spotlight on a concerning trend: While the rest of the world is ramping up their robot installations, the UK is falling behind. In 2021, global installations of robots reached a record high, yet the UK saw a decrease. This puts us at a robot density of 111 per 10,000 employees – far below what’s expected of a leading manufacturing nation. This isn’t just about keeping up with trends; it’s about embracing a technology that can revolutionise how we work and compete on a global stage.

For those in the UK’s injection moulding industry, the message is clear: the future is automated. Embracing industrial robots is more than just staying current; it’s about being a step ahead in a competitive market. Whether it’s enhancing efficiency, improving product quality, or boosting profitability, automation offers tangible benefits that can’t be ignored. So, let’s not wait any longer. It’s time to bring our manufacturing prowess to the next level with automation.

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