Why You Should Attend Plastics Live | Blog

Why You Should Attend Plastics Live | Blog

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Nothing brings people together like events. Think about when you have had the most meaningful interactions with industry peers – where were you?

The plastics industry is a relatively small community. The events we all go to are nearly always the same, and they aren’t all that regular! We decided that our industry could do with an annual event for the whole industry to attend, focused on innovation, sustainability, and, of course, networking. Plastics Live is the only plastics-specific exhibition running in 2024 – it could be your best and only chance at talking to that key supplier or potential business partner.

Why the Coventry Building Society Arena

We’ve deliberately chosen to hold Plastics Live away from the NEC – while it’s a fantastic venue, we feel that the ethos of our event is about creating a level playing field for our exhibitors, and an easy-to-access location for visitors. Coventry is the manufacturing center of the UK, so in our eyes, it was a no-brainer. Plus, there’s no extortionate parking fee and the carparks are only a short walk to the exhibition hall.

Being a smaller event, we decided that the average stand size should be 20m2, with no stands exceeding 60m2, meaning all exhibitors have equal opportunities to maximise their return on investment – for a lot of our exhibitors, one sale covers the cost of their stand!

Why we’re different

Plastics Live is a very new venture, born from the belief that the UK plastics industry needs an annual exhibition to highlight all the incredible achievements and innovations happening in the industry.

2024 will only be our second time out of the blocks, and we plan to build on the successes of 2022. We represent a fresh and new take on exhibitions – we may not yet be able to boast of having many thousands of visitors through our doors, but neither do we make our exhibitors pay through the nose for the privilege of attending, and we want to take our loyal exhibitors on this journey with us. Rome wasn’t built in a day, remember?

To join our incredible list of exhibitors, click here for more information. We have 25 stands remaining so be quick!

To get your FREE Plastics Live tickets, click here.



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