Wilde Analysis Becomes Moldex3D Authorised Certification Center

Moldex3D, the leading provider of engineering simulation solutions for the plastics industry, has announced Wilde Analysis to be a Moldex3D Authorised Certification Center (MACC) in the UK and Ireland.

Shouldering the task of helping the industries pave the way towards Industry 4.0, Wilde Analysis will be dedicated to promoting the advanced technology of Moldex3D in Europe.

Wilde Analysis started its MACC operation on September 1st, 2019, at its head office. It will regularly host MACC training courses for product designers, mould designers and CAE engineers in the plastic and moulding industries who would like to enhance their plastic moulding knowledge and skills at Moldex3D CAE software. Upon the completion of the MACC training courses, the participants will be able to validate and optimise product designs through Moldex3D and help their enterprises overcome various moulding challenges, and most important of all, to attain the Moldex3D Analyst and Expert Certifications.

Wilde Analysis is not only a MACC but also Moldex3D’s channel partner in the UK & Ireland. With nearly 40-year’s of experience in engineering simulation, Wilde Analysis has been continuously providing safety & reliability analysis and related design & optimisation technologies to their customers.

It is our honour to collaborate with Wilde Analysis,” said Dr Venny Yang, President of Moldex3D, “Moldex3D’s new MACC shows our commitment to assisting the industries to realise the cyber-physical system. We believe Wilde Analysis will be an outstanding partner to that end. Through the training and Certification Examinations provided by MACC, users are believed to be more disciplined in the software, and able to further leverage Moldex3D to bridge the gap between design and manufacturing.

For more information about the MACC, please visit the websites of Wilde Analysis and Moldex3D.


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